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Ladders and mobs dont like me....


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I was building a couple houses in my superflat world to show my friend(im bad) and I got some ladders to go to the 2nd floor and the ladders... dont work. I cant go up and down them, i had to fly(im on creative. And whenever i hit a mob I get a message saying "Disconnected from Server, Internal server error" and Then i have to re join the world. Im on Windows, minecraft 1.3.2

Mods Loaded

FML v3.0.71.289


Optifine HD U B3

Liteloader 1.3.2

Macro's Key binding 0.9.3

Inv. Tweaks 1.43b

and Rei's Minimap(dont know version, its the latest)

I went into my fresh 1.3.2 superflat world and it worked fine, ladders and mobs so i assumed it was a forge

bug.... But im stupid about bugs so it may not.

EDIT: And now i cant join that world..... So now it sucks but whatever.


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No clue what you're doing but this isnt a forge issue.

These are fairly blaitent issues and everyone says they work for them just fine.

Seems like something else you have installed is screwing things up.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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