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[1.6.4]How to store data in a file


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Have you searched?  this is well documented.  There is also good examples in the bukkit community that could be cross referenced.


After you have done all that, let us know what you had trouble with.

Long time Bukkit & Forge Programmer

Happy to try and help

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As always: It depends™.

Where does that variable belong to?

To a Block? Use a TileEntity or metadata (only 4 bits, most likely not enough if you say "variable").

To an Item? Use the NBTTagCompound attached to every ItemStack.

To an Entity? Use writeToNBT / readFromNBT or IExtendedEntityProperties in case it is not your entity.

To a specific world (=dimension)? Use WorldSavedData with World#perWorldStorage.

To a save file? Use WorldSavedData with World.mapStorage.

To the Mod in general? Use the Configuration class provided by forge, or just a normal file for more complex data (you can use the normal Java file writing mechanics here).


I want to do it on an food item.

Can you give an example on how can i do this.

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To get the data from the ItemStack you need to get the ItemStack first of course. Where do you want that to be? In the players inventory? Somewhere else?

Well as it is a food item so i wanna check if player has ever eaten this which i am storing in the nbt then on tickhandler i wanna check that if the player has ever eaten that and if true then the process carry on if false than break.


Actually i am trying to make an infinite potioneffect for the food. That can last even after the player die or close the game or drink milk. I will add a new item which will break this process.

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