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[1.3.2] Minecraft Generations v0.1.0


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Minecraft Generations

Version: 0.1.0    MC Version: 1.3.2

Requires: MC Forge, Universal ( or higher)


Minecraft Generations is a mod which aims to change the way you'd usually play Minecraft. It does this by adding features, like the inability to punch trees for wood, no more wooden tools and adding new Tools, Materials and Crafting Recipes. There have been a lot of changes to Minecraft, so scroll around to familiarise yourself.


As this mod changes game-play, so I have included a GettingStarted.txt file. This is just a simple text file telling you how to get started with this mod. The contents of the Getting Started text file is somewhere below, so you can check it out before you download the mod. As the mod expands (and it will), I'll produce more guides if needed. But for now, I recommend that you read this guide. If any of you think that you can do a better job at making a guide, feel free to do so. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


It isn't certain that other mods will work with this mod. I have not tested and will not be testing this mod with any other mods. I will not be purposely making sure that this mod will be compatible with another. I'll try my best to make this compatible with other mods, but if it doesn't work then it doesn't work. I will make list of mods that are (in)compatible, so if there is a mod that works with this one, post the name, version and MC version. Then if others agree that it works, I'll add it to the list. A config file will be generated (just start the game with the mod installed) in the config folder (


to be precise), so if there are any ID conflicts and you know what you're doing, then you can change them there.


This mod has not been tested on multiplayer and I can't promise that'll work neither. I did try to set up the mod for it and it is something I do want to get working. So try it at your own risk. If you do try it, please let me know how you got on.


This mod is very much in early development and there is still a lot of work to be done. I have already got a bunch of ideas, which I might share soon, but if you have any requests or ideas then do share them. Also please post feedback on the changes I've made, as I would really like your views on them :)


Download Link:

Download (MediaFire)


Download & install Minecraft Forge - Universal ( or higher).


Copy the


in the


folder. If you do not have a mods folder, make one.


Start Minecraft, so the Config file can be generated. The config file is located in the


folder in your





Delete, or move out of the mods folder, the


file. It is that simple. You may also delete the MCGenerations folder and its contents, but this is just a clean up step and isn't necessary.


Mod Spotlights go here. If you want to make a Spotlight, then go ahead and I'll post it here (if its good ;) )












Diamond Set












Copper, Tin & Bronze






Stone Axe Head






Stone Axe















Current Features

This mod replaces/overwrites items in the game.

  • New Materials
    • Bronze - Make tools and stuff :)

    [*]More Blocks & Items

    • Campfire - Start fire to cook food. Also good for a source of light.
    • 1/2 & 1/4 logs - Be a true lumberjack and chop logs into small planks.

    [*]More Recipes

    [*]New Tool Sets

    [*]More Swords

    [*]New Tools:

    • Hammer - Good for smashing certain blocks, also a useful construction tool.
    • Club - Good for smashing certain blocks, also a weapon.


    [*]More coming soon :D


Changes to Minecraft

This mod makes lots of changes to Minecraft. It adds and edits a ton of things to Minecraft. I have also 'removed' certain items and placed my own in their place. Just so we're clear, when I say 'removed' I just mean I set them to null and used that ID for my own stuff. The original stuff are still there, just unused at the moment. My aim is to do this without touching any base classes. If there are any base edits, I'll tell you.


So check out the list below for the changes I've made.



  • EnumToolMaterial
    All I have done here is made my own EnumToolMaterial and basically just used that. I've changed the number of uses and harvest levels to materials.
    The harvest levels are:
    • WOOD, GOLD = 0
    • STONE = 1
    • BRONZE = 2 (new)
    • IRON = 3
    • DIAMOND = 4




    [*]Tools & Weapons

    Wood and Gold tools & weapons are 'removed'.

    I have also changed the Crafting Recipes to make tools and the process to make them. You must craft the Tool 'head' first and then craft the head with a stick or something like that.

    I have also retextured the original Tools. For example, the Diamond tools and the Stone tools.


    [*]Coal Ore - This just requires Bronze or above.

    [*]The Hammer

    This changes Minecraft, as I have also made certain blocks only obtainable by a hammer.

    The idea of the Hammer is its an effective 'smashing' tool, but also a tool to construct with. Basically, blocks like the Cobblestone blocks, Stone Bricks and Clay bricks (the blocks used for construction) can only be obtained with a hammer.



    You cannot simply punch trees for the wood. First you must craft an axe to chop them down. You'll then be given 2 half logs (blocks). Place the half logs down and chop them to get 2 quarter logs. Then place the quarter logs to get planks. For more info, read the Getting Started guide.




Right now I'm just trying things out and seeing how they go. That is why feedback from you guys is so important for me. So please post what you think :)





              Version(MC): 0.1.0 (1.3.2)
    List of Contents

1.	Contents
2.	Mod Information & stuff
3.	Installation 
4.	Uninstallation
5.	Credits
6.	Change log

2.  Mod Information & stuff

Version(MC): 0.1.0 (1.3.2)
	Minecraft v1.3.2
	Minecraft Forge (MCForge) V4.0.0.241 or higher

You MUST NOT redistrubute or sell this mod or any contents of 
this mod!!
You MUST NOT include this mod in any Mod Packs!! And do not bother
asking me for permission to do so because the answer will be no. Why?
Because this is a stand alone mod. You can either install this mod with
others or none at all.

It isn't certain that all other mods will be compatible with this 
mod and I'm not purposly making this mod compatiable with any other mod. 
If it works, great. If not, never mind.
It also isn't certain that this mod will work on Multiplayer,
as I have not tested this (and probably wont for a while). So play it on
multiplayer at your OWN risk.

Currently, I am proud to say, the mod edit NO original minecraft 
classes. This mod aims to not edit any origial classes and I am making my best
efforts that future releases will conatin no original MC classes. I'm not making
any promises that future releases will not contain base edits, but like I just
stated this will be avoided.

Minecraft Generations (MCG) changes gameplay from the start. A 
simple Getting Started text file (GettingStarted.txt) is provided. It is
recommended that you read the guide so you know what to do, as one gameplay
change is you cannot punch trees to get wood.

Spotlights and Texture packs are welcome. Just tell me that you're
doing one. Once you're done and if its appropriate, tell me and I can
then link it on the Opening post.

3.  Installation
!!!MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR .minecraft FOLDER!!! (So if things were 
to mess up, you can fall back to your backup)

Download & install the lastest ( or higher) Minecraft 
Forge Universal files.

Copy the MCG.zip in the .minecraft\mods folder.
If you do not have a mods folder, make one.

4.  Uninstallation
Delete, or move out of the mods folder, the MCG.zip file. It is
THAT simple.
You may delete the MCG config files in the config folder, but this isn't
necessary (just a clean up step).

5.  Credits

          Coding:	GeoffNukem
	Textures:	GeoffNukem
	 Testing:	GeoffNukem
6.  Change log

    -   First Release

    -   Added some new Blocks, Items & Tools

    -   New Tools -
                Hammer: Used for smashing certain blocks and 'building' 
                        (picking up brick blocks and cobblestone).
                Club:   A tool also used to smash certain blocks. Can 
                        also be used as a weapon.

    -   Removed Wooden Tools & Weapons.

    -   Retextured some tools and weapons:
                        Diamond tools and sword are retextured.

    -   Removed certain recipes:
                        All default tool recipes are removed and are given
                        alternative recipes.

    -   Tweaked EnumToolMaterials (I actually just made my own and used 
        that, the vanilla EnumToolMaterials is untouched)

    -   Changed harvest levels to tools and blocks. (The blocks below are just examples)
	GOLD & WOOD 	= 0		(Block)oreCoal   = 2 (BRONZE)
	STONE			= 1		(Block)oreIron   = 2 (BRONZE)
	BRONZE			= 2		(Block)oreGold   = 3 (IRON)
	IRON			= 3		(Block)obsidian  = 4 (DIAMOND)
	DIAMOND			= 4	




Getting Started



              Version(MC): 0.1.0 (1.3.2)

    Getting Started

This is a quick getting started guide, as this mod changes the 
usual gameplay of the vanila MC.

I recommend that you read this, so you know what you're doing. It
will also prevent you wondering why you cannot get wood from trees.

    Getting Wood

The method of getting wood has changed. Punching trees for wood is
impossible. Instead there are various of steps to do before you can chop

Step 1 - The Club
If you dig through leaves then there is a chance of getting 1 of
2 items, a Sapling or Tree Branch. The Sapling is the orignal Sapling, you
can place this into your crafting grid to get 2 Sticks. You'll need these
sticks to make tools later on.

The Tree Branch can be craft, along with Flint, into a Club. So
after digging through the leaves, find some gravel and get a some Flint.
Then place the flint and Club in the crafting grid (shapeless). Then you'll
get a Wooden Club.

The Club can be used for smashed certain blocks. It can also be
used as a weapon.

Step 2 - Cobblestone & Tool Heads
Cobblestone (item) is found by bashing Weak stone Blocks with a
club (or a hammer). Weak stone (or Stone (Weak)) can be found anywhere.
They look similar to the cobblestone blocks, but with lighter cracks.

With the Cobblestone, you can then craft Stone Tool Heads. Tool
heads are used to make the final tools themselves. Example, a Stone Axe
Head can be used to make a Stone Axe. All tools are crafted by making the
tool head, and then crafting this with a stick.

The crafting pattern for a Tool Head is similar to the default
pattern when making a tool, just minus the two sticks in the middle. For
[C][ ]		=	Stone Axe Head

C = Cobblestone

Step 3 - Stone tools
Stone tools are crafted differently to the other tools. For these
you will need Sugar Canes. You can then craft a stone tool like so:
[/][ ]

H = Stone Tool Head, [s] = Sugar Cane and [/] = Stick

You should now be able to craft a Stone Axe. 

Step 4 - Workbench
Chop a tree with a Stone Axe, and you'll be given 2 Half Logs.
Place the half logs into the world and chop it. You'll now be given 2
Quater Logs. Chop these down even further and you'll have Planks (item).
A 2x2 pattern with these Planks can be used to craft a Plank Block. You can
then craft a Workbench

From here you can then craft things like a Stone Pickaxe Head,
CobbleStone (block) and any other 3x3 crafting pattern 

Step 5 - CampFire
Probably by now, its getting dark. So, craft a campfire using
cobblestone (Item) like so:
[c][ ][c]

Grab the Campfire and place it on the ground somewhere. You can
use a campfire to cook food. It can also be used to smelt copper and tin
into bronze. You can also heat up quarter logs to make charcoal. Quarter logs
can also be used as a 'fuel' for the fire.

Campfires are also a very good light source (a little brighter than a torch).
Fuel will also last twice as long as they would in a furnace, however, items take
twice as long to cook too. Iron Ore or Gold Ore cannot be smelted in a campfire.

I recommend cooking up some quarter logs for charcoal, as you can then make
torches. This is also the only way to get Coal, as you'll need a Bronze Pickaxe to
mine for Coal.

Step 6 - Bronze
By now, you may have found some new ores and may have guessed that they are in 
fact Copper (orange) and Tin (grey). Mine these with ANY Pickaxe and you will get their ores.
You can cook these seperately in a campfire to get an ingot of that material. OR you can craft
the two ores together (1 by 1, shapeless) to put them together. Then smelt the two together and
you will then get bronze Ingots. You can also put copper and tin ingots together to smelt bronze
that way.

You can then start making Bronze tool heads and put them in a crafting grid with a stick.
You will then get Bronze Tools, which you can use a Bronze Pickaxe to get Iron.

Step 7 - Iron
I probably will not need to explain this. Getting an iron ingot is done by the usual way of
smelting it inside a Furnace (NOT a campfire). Iron Tools are then made by making the Tool heads and
putting them on a stick.

You can also make an Iron Rod. Simple place a stick in a crafting grid, with 1 Iron Ingot on top
and another Iron Ingot on the bottom.

[/]	[/ = stick, I = Iron Ingot]

Iron Rods can be used to make Iron Tools with the Iron rod.

Step 8 - Gold
Same as Iron. Expect you cannot make Gold Tools. However you can make a Gold Rod, which can then
be used with Iron Tool heads. Try it and see the result 

Step 9 - Have Fun and keep checking for updates
Play around a see what you can find out for yourself or you can have a look at the Items in 
the Creative Game Mode to see what could be made.

I hope this small guide has helped you to get started with the mod. More features of the mod
will be added in the future, so do check the Forum Thread to keep updated.



In/Compatibility List

If you have tried and tested with mod with other mods and it either works or it doesn't, post the name of the mod here. If others agree that it works then I'll add it here. I'll have some sort of a traffic light system on the list, which states which mod work and doesn't. So if a mod is not on the list, then it doesn't necessarily means it does (not) work.

(Red = Incompatible | Green = Compatible | Orange = Works with MCG, but has some issues)





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  • 2 weeks later...

What happened to the mining of stone? Slowed down to a crawl with this mod!


How can I mine stone at a faster rate? I have built a couple of stone pickaxes but, it is not fast enough.


Plus I have installed Metallurgy 2.0....and I think We have a compatibility issue there, I can't mine any of their ores. :S

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