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some properties of Material are rather cryptic


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I am overriding the Material (and Block, and Item) class(es) so that I can specify blocks purely through configuration files. (i.e. something like MineTweaker but for blocks and items instead of recipes)


I could probably figure these out, but if anyone knows already and could save me some time and testing, I would be grateful.

  • Assuming canBlockGrass returns whether a block blocks the spread of grass, how does this work and under what conditions is the spread "blocked"? Is this even what this function means?
  • getMaterialMobility returns an int. I have only the faintest clue of what that int represents, and the documentation for it does not seem to exist.
  • what exactly does isAdventureModeExempt mean?
  • I am assuming isSolid determines if a block can be targeted (e.g. for block placement) and not whether it can be walked through. This seems to be at least partially correct, given that there is also a separate property blocksMovement, but not entirely correct as the block can still be targeted for breaking.
  • What does isOpaque affect other than rendering (and potential x-ray abuse)? I know it carries several seemingly unrelated properties, but which ones?

This may be a dumb question. Feel free to say it is.

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don't really know, just guesses.


isAdventureModeExempt probably relates to whether you can or cannot break it in Adventure mode.

isSolid I believe relates to whether you can place redstone on it and such.

I only knew that isOpaque affected rendering.

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