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Daftcraft (MC1.7.2)


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Hello minecrafters and thank you for checking out my daft mod, hence the name of it being daftcraft.


Daftcraft is  my first mod which I made to help improve my coding ability. Basically the mod adds some stuff that came to my mind that i Decided that I wanted to have in minecraft. I'm hoping you'll also enjoy what is Involved.


Below is the progress I have made so far on the mod.






crafting items only




reinforced gold:

tier 1




triple pickaxe:

tier 2



the triple pick is an interesting pickaxe that will mine the blocks around the block you broke if the block is intended to be broken with a pick..








void pickaxe:

tier 1



The void pickaxe is exactly as it says on the tin. It will void the block you hit as well as block above nad below it making it perfect for strip mining. Currently (though possibility to chage) the pick is set to not take damage from normal mining however it has a special ability. The void pickaxe when you right click on a block it will void any sand or gravel blocks that are above it as far as 10 blocks high. Each block it voids using this method however will cost some durability. It doesn' cost durability to check if it doesn't find anything so feel free to check all the blocks along your way to make sure you never get caught under gravel or sand again.









reinforced axe:

tier 2



the reinforced axe is a very powerful axe. When used to cut down a piece of wood or leaves it will go right up the tree as high as its last leaves go and it will destroy them all meaning you don't have to climb the trees to get the highest piece of wood stopping the leaves despawning.








tiered rubies



the tiered rubies are key items within daftcraft. The various tiers will allow you to make various items when used in crafting. When used as crafting a higher tier can always be used to make lower tier items as well as its own high tier. For example a tier 1 can only make tier 1 items but tier 3 can make tier 1,2 and 3 items.

These also have a function in the field. If shift right clicking with them in your hand they will take a small amount of health and will give the player some potion effects for a various amount of time.

Which debuffs you get are for you to find out ;D


the rubies can also be used to recharge the items within the mod if they have the tier to do it (as mentioned above) simply place the ruby into a crafting grid with the items to take a point from the ruby and give it to the item.


Currently to recharge the rubies you only need to put them into a furnace this is only a temporary way currently and will hopefuly be removed at a later stage.



tier 1




tier 2:



tier 3:







ore doubler:

tier 1



this item is daftcrafts basic ore doubling mechanic. When used in a crafting grid with iron,gold or diamond ore it will give you a dust. This dust can then be smelted to give double the amount of smelting.


Update: the ore doubler will now work on blocks when used to break them in world. This is for iron,gold and diamond ore currently





width=288 height=132oredoubler_zps901277b0.png [/img]












the summonor:

tier 3



The summonor is a part of a multi block structure. When placed with the right combination of blocks in the world it will summon boss monsters.

They will be summoned with the correct structure and a redstone signal applied






below are the blocks for their boss





(end only but this can be changed in config)





the normal structure of soul sand for a wither with the summonor block placed on the center top block. Then once a redstone signal is recieved it will summon.

(this structure is likely to change








there is said to be a dark ritual to call forth the greatest evil from the depths of the nether, only notch has ever been known to have battled him and lived to tell the tale.


Some have said it is a rich ritual with beacons to call out to far away this evil

(keeping this ritual a bit of a riddle, let me know if you find it)






The portal:

tier 3



this is another multi part structure.  When walking over it if the structure is built right and the portal is recieving a redstone signal you will be teleported to the end






structure in world to build




This block is intended as an alternative to get to the end if you can't get enough ender eyes and blaze powder.







Mod pack permissions



you have my permission to use my mod in any pack you want. However there are a few conditions


1-you cannot make money from the pack

2- credit me please I did alot of work on this mod

3-a link here would be nice but not required

3- have noticed what's wrong here





Let's plays



yes please do you are completely free to use my mod in a lets play video or a showcase. Let me know about it here or on my twitter and I'll add it to here





bug support



any bugs you find (and i expect there will be some) put a pastebin link for the error and I'll try to fix it.

This mod is after all in open beta from its alpha of only myself and a friend of mine testing it.






well you've made it this far so that's a good sign that you might be interested in playing, that's awesome and so are you. Below is the mediafire link to download the mod so enjoy.

Minecraft 1.7.2

click here to download


Minecraft 1.7.10

click here to download







Q:how do I craft these things

A: well generaly in a crafting bench is a god place to start


Q: hahaha but seriously what are the recipes

A: currently I am (i know it's bad to do) assuming that you have NEI installed for this early stage of development however I will include recipes here on the forum page soon so bear with me


Q: what if my world gets griefed through people summoning dragons to destroy my base

A: not to worry by default the dragon can only be summoned in the ned. This is changable in configs.


Q: what about the wither

A: what about him


Q: you know what I mean

A: ok, ok the wither will hopefuly be kept use in a sane way but soon his summoning ritual will be more expensive so hopefuly fewer people will spawn it. However a config option is aavailable to completely disale the bosses.


Q: why is the mod called daftcraft? isn't that just sorta similar to dartcraft?

A: well my mod is called daftcraft cause i'm a daft guy who likes daft things, and don't worry the mod will be more daft later...it's currently too sensible....exploding potatoes anyone?


Q:How can i contact you with ideas,bug reports,lets plays or textures

A: you can let me know here on the forums or tweet me



Q: one more question, how do you have a frequently asked questions section for a mod you just released



Q: huh?

A: excellent it worked now go play the mod and have fun




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Daftcraft Update for 1.7.10


This update brings with it a few additions.


These include


-an egg launcher


-some achievements


-a new boss entity


-the digger block(it will mine ores but you have to retrieve them yourself from bedrock for now)


-stone armor(gives slowness when worn)


-the super belt of speed and the visor of super sight


-3 extra coals (better,ultra and uber coal(trust me uber lives up to its name))




As usual I do expect bugs so let me know if you find any and send me whatever info you have on the crash and i'll see if I can fix it, Thanks

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    • Here's the newest crash: https://pastebin.com/mumDeWzW Seems to have something to do with JEI Also delete that server file? Also the newest log: https://pastebin.com/ATH8dbWc
    • Recently started to attempt 1.20.1 modding, in registering idle, walk and attack animations in the mob entity class i've run into two issues:   a) idle and walk animations seem to play simultaneously  + the mob itself does not seem to walk private static final EntityDataAccessor<Boolean> ATTACKING = SynchedEntityData.defineId(MugaEntity.class, EntityDataSerializers.BOOLEAN); public MugaEntity(EntityType<? extends Monster > pEntityType, Level pLevel) { super(pEntityType, pLevel); } public final AnimationState idleAnimationState = new AnimationState(); private int idleAnimationTimeout = 1; public final AnimationState attackAnimationState = new AnimationState(); public int attackAnimationTimeout = 0; @Override public void tick() { super.tick(); if(this.level().isClientSide()) { setupAnimationStates(); } } private void setupAnimationStates () { if(this.idleAnimationTimeout <= 0) { this.idleAnimationTimeout = this.random.nextInt(30) + 60; this.idleAnimationState.start(this.tickCount); } else { --this.idleAnimationTimeout; } if (this.isAttacking() && attackAnimationTimeout <= 0 ) { attackAnimationTimeout = 20; attackAnimationState.start(this.tickCount); } else { --this.attackAnimationTimeout; } if(this.isAttacking()) { attackAnimationState.stop(); } } @Override protected void updateWalkAnimation(float pPartialTick) { float f; if(this.getPose() == Pose.STANDING) { f=Math.min(pPartialTick * 3.0F, 1.0F); } else { f= 0.0F; } this.walkAnimation.update(f, 0.2F); } @Override protected void defineSynchedData() { super.defineSynchedData(); this.entityData.define(ATTACKING, false); } public void setAttacking(boolean attacking) { this.entityData.set(ATTACKING, attacking); } public boolean isAttacking() { return this.entityData.get(ATTACKING); } b) the attack animation is never played on attack, despite being registered  @Override public void setupAnim(Entity entity, float limbSwing, float limbSwingAmount, float ageInTicks, float netHeadYaw, float headPitch) { this.root().getAllParts().forEach(ModelPart::resetPose); this.animateWalk(ModAnimationDefinitions.MUGA_WALKING, limbSwing, limbSwingAmount, 1f, 1f ); this.animate(((MugaEntity)entity).idleAnimationState, ModAnimationDefinitions.MUGA_IDLE, ageInTicks, 1f); this.animate(((MugaEntity)entity).attackAnimationState, ModAnimationDefinitions.MUGA_ATTACK, ageInTicks, 1f); }
    • Maybe there are some more broken files - check the new crash-report - the file name is mentioned in the first lines   If it is another crash, add it here
    • Thanks. Found and deleted it, but it doesn't change anything. When joining a new file is created, the screen freezes/ does not respond in typical manner and I have to close it then. I deleted it in curseforge>minecraft>instances>Modpack>saves>World>serverconfig Should I have deleted it anywhere else?
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