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Using other mods' items in my crafting recipes


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I saw this somewhere once before, but I guess I did not bookmark it with all the rest of my tutorial links. Oops.


I am adding a battery-like item to my mod, as a crafting material to make more complex items.

I would also like to include extra recipes that support a few battery-like items from other mods to be useable as a replacement for my battery.

I know the basic concept of how I have to check if the other mod is present to check if the recipe needs to be active or not, but I do not remember any of the specific methods/functions to use in my code.


Also, by chance, does anyone know the coded item names of IC2's RE Battery and/or Galacticraft 2's Battery?

These are the items I want to add recipe support for in case you couldn't guess.

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Use the Ic2 Api



battery name

// batteries

  reBattery; // Empty RE Battery item, currently not meta sensitive

  chargedReBattery; // RE Battery item, meta = damage value for charge level

  advBattery;        // Adv Batteryitem, meta = damage value for charge level

  energyCrystal; // Energy Crystal item, meta = damage value for charge level

  lapotronCrystal; // Lapotron Crystal item, meta = damage value for charge level

  suBattery; // SU Battery item, meta = damage value for charge level



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CraftingManager.getInstance().getRecipeList().add(new ShapelessOreRecipe(new ItemStack(/*Crafting Result*/, 1), "XY",'X',"battery",'Y',/*Other Item*/));


That's assuming they both register in the ore dictionary as "battery"



Minecraft can do ANYTHING, it's coded in Java and you got the full power of Java behind you when you code. So nothing is impossible.

It may be freaking fucking hard though, but still possible ;)


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