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Forge 4.1.1 Minecraft 1.3.2


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Forge Version: 4.1.1

Minecraft Version: 1.3.2

Dependencies: None

Jenkins Build: #251



Minecraft Forge 4.1.1 Changelog:


Updated to FML #366



  • Adds a SkyProvider class that can handle the rendering of the sky
  • Expose more of the village construction parts for building village piece
  • Villager trading, manipulation and village enhancement. Still WIP
  • Updated onItemUseFirst call to include the new hit vector information
  • Client side only classes are properly annotated, and denied loading on server side
  • Add in a utility function that will tell you the context you're running in on either client or server: FMLCommonHandler.getEffectiveSide
  • Server mods can now use noClip to push players through solid blocks without is being an invalid move and resetting the players position.



Bug Fix:

  • EntityEvent.CanUpdate now functions properly
  • EntityItemPickupEvent nolonger spams the 'pop' sound
  • Added timeout to MC's download of sound resouces, allows sounds to play if MC's webservers are unreachable.
  • Added and error if channel name is invalid - either too short, or too long for mod devs.
  • Added a connect and read timeout for downloading libraries. This should really stop the "waiting forever" at startup screen.
  • Fix up ML GUI ticking. Thanks sharose!
  • Fixed bug in EntityMinecart that would cause them to fall through the ground at the bottom of slopes.
  • Fix vanilla MC packet bugs for remote servers that use blocks with ids > 256
  • Fix ModLoader adding XP Smelting
  • Changed order in which EntityItemPickupEvent is called, it will no longer be called if the 'delay' on the item is still active.
  • EntityItems that are in the world with invalid item stacks will now kill themselves. (Fixes infinite items from items on the ground)
  • Added missing server side onBlockStartBreak hook, fixes Sheers.
  • Use original minecart drag co-efficients for regular carts.
  • Pickblock now replaces the currently selected item if it could not find a empty space.
  • Fix textures not applying properly
  • Fix lighting issue for air related to 4096 fix.
  • Fix call to createTileEntity on blocks that extend BlockContainer.
  • FillBucketEvent actually fires now.
  • Fix custom items not properly having texture applied for partical effects.
  • Fix silk touch on Ender Chests
  • Fix keybindings not loading properly from gamesettings file after restart
  • Fix placing torches and the like on inverted woden slabs.


This is mainly a bugfix and compatibility fix with ModLoader, now that it is released.

All know compatibility bugs at the time of this posting are fixed.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/lexmanos
Paypal: http://paypal.me/LexManos

BitCoin: 1Q8rWvUNMM2T1ZfDaFeeYQyVXtYoeT6tTn

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