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one more question!


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okay thanks for the input i guess i will try to figureout how i am going to do this :D

Hey, no worries, I have a mod with a sword that shoots lightning on right-clicking. You can use it as a reference / base and change what you need, just don't make an exact copy of the item (which... would be hard anyway without the texture and other stuff anyway so lol). Anyways, the link is below. PM me if you have any questions. :)




As for shooting fire, I'm sure there's a simple way but I'm having trouble getting it exactly right myself. I recommend looking into the EntityBlaze and EntityGhast files, and seeing how they do it. :)


DreamSpand Gaming, a co-owned web site centered around Minecraft and its mods. We host servers and give out mods, plugins, schematics, saves, skins, and much more. Soon, we're going to have our server database synced to our site database. Then, a whole new plethora of possibilities will unveil themselves to us, at which time we will greet them with dedication and excitement.


We're very user-friendly and we love to help - no one will treat you badly. :)

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