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[1.7.10] ServerSide Only Mod


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Could someone tell me specifically what to put in my @mod annotation for a serversideonlymod?


I've looked at the @mod documentation and can't figure it out.



Made it work with acceptableRemoteVersions = "*", but surely that isn't the right way.

Long time Bukkit & Forge Programmer

Happy to try and help

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I only found this:

MinecraftForge/FML@f2fe80dc36972fe9db57e700380b6869abbc1832 Fixed default network mod checking to allow client side mods without the server side. Mods wishing to REQUIRE server side components must specify a custom check handler using @NetworkCheckHandler


But... I don't know how to use it.

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It's from forge changelog.



Comment in NetworkCheckHandler:


* A method annotated with this will be called when a remote network connection is offered.
* The method should have two parameters, of types {@link Map<String,String>} and {@link Side}. It should return a boolean
* true indicating that the remote party is acceptable, or false if not.
* <p>
* When the method is invoked, the map will contain String keys and values listing all mods and their versions present.
* The side represents the side of the remote party. So if you're on the server, it'll be CLIENT, and vice versa.
* <p>
* This method will be invoked both when querying the status of the remote server, and when connecting to the remote server.
* <p>
* <strong>NOTE: the server will not be setup at any point when this method is called. Do not try and interact with the server
* or the client in any way, except to accept or reject the list of mods.</strong>
* @author cpw

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