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[1.7.10] Entity Name


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Look at the code for render player.  I've found it helpful to limit the distance it can be seen as well as direct line of sight.  Avoids detection through wall.

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@Elyon it worked :) thank you



How would i get it to say something when the custom entity dies? In my case i need it to say "Smith was killed by Player"


If it is your custom entity, you can override the onDeath() method.


For general entities you can use handle the LivingDeathEvent.

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Make a list of all the player entities in the world and use a for loop to go through them and add a message to all of them.


I have something similar in my mod, and this is how I would use it in your case (put it all in the event or method of your preference):


List<EntityPlayerMP> players = world.playerEntities;

for (int i = 0; i < players.size(); i++) {
players.get(i).addChatMessage(/* Insert Message Here */);


You could probably also do:


for (EntityPlayerMP player : world.playerEntities) {
player.addChatMessage(/* Insert Message Here */);


I don't know about the second method, but the first method works fine for me.



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