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Critical Tampering with Minecraft Error


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Every time I use gradlew to run my minecraft code, it spews out this little error:

"[main/ERROR] [FML]: The Minecraft jar file [looong filename] appears to be corrupt! There has been CRITICAL TAMPERING WITH MINECRAFT, it is highly unlikely Minecraft will work! STOP NOW, get a clean copy and try again!"

This isn't a major bug, as my computer runs minecraft anyway, but it does stop me from compiling within my eclipse environment (even though I'm set up to do so)

But every single time I compile my code or runClient through gradlew it tells me that FML is missing its Signature data, with a couple other associated errors, above error included.

On top of that, when I runClient through gradlew, Forge also tells me that there has been a source mod installed on my minecraft file, later on in the compiling process.


This has been persistent for all 1.7.X builds of Forge I've used. In spite of multiple complete wipes of my gradlew cache, my Forge data, and entire wipes of my gradlew file, even a completely clean install of minecraft, combined with a completely fresh install of forge, and a deletion of my gradlew file.


This might be a problem with my computer, as it has it's share of format issues that I've been tanking through, but it's pretty confusing, makes me go through a couple extra steps every time I want to test my code, and catches my eye every single time thanks to the use of all caps and exclamation points. So I thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone had an answer.

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