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As an android developer, I find the adt plugin for eclipse to be very useful and time-saving, when developing/maintaining my apps.


Therefore, I suggest developing an eclipse plugin for mod creation.


This plugin can implement many features that would speed-up setting and developing apps, such as:

* The ability to create a new mod, which will setup the folder hierarchy and base files automatically.

* The ability to use "new -> block" (\entity\mob\item\etc), that will generate a class file for it, and implement (inherit) required methods.

* A string\constant manager (gui) for sorting them better.

* When doing any of the above (or similar\related) actions, the IDE will automatically update base operations of the mod (like registering new item, etc).

* And more...


The best part is that we can actually use wanted parts of the adt plugin as a base for our Eclipse MC plugin, as it is open-source.

Furthermore - porting the plugin to intellij shouldn't be much of an headache.


I believe that although this is only a side project for the mod dev community, it'll be VERY appriciated by it.

It would also attract new devs to create mods, as the process will be much more direct - focus on the content, instead of settings things up.


Also: a proper javadoc file with descriptions for each method/member would be nice.


- btw, I'm not yet into mod dev, as I don't have much time for it right now, but I hope to get into it soon.



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We have ForgeGradle and that is by far enough.

Making a mod is already retardedly stupid.


As for the Javadocs that is generated from data input into MCP by people like you, Not me.


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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