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[1.7.10] [Solved] Prevent creation of copies of blocks.


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Ok, here's my problem. Sorry if it's a noobish question.


Let's say i'd like to have a creative block that can only be placed  once then no more on ALL SERVER. The block should be UNIQUE!

How can i keep track ( and save the information ) that the block already exists and cannot be placed anymore?

How can i refer to that block in other parts of the code when i need it?


Any pointer will be good enough.

Thank you.


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Look into Block.onBlockAdded, Block.canPlaceBlockAt, and Block.onBlockPreDestroy.  If you use these to keep track of whether your block is placed or not, you can stop block placement if one already exists.  You will need to store the block count somewhere permanent, i.e. so it gets saved every time the world is saved.  You could look into world.perWorldStorage for that.




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Ok, i did it.

One last thing, do i need any more code to make it work well on multiplayer too? is WorldSavedData handled ServerSide ?


For others who have the same problem, i advise you to look at these other topics too.








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