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Hurt Animation and immunity to fall damage


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I think you can cancel the LivingFallEvent if you see that the livingEntity is the player.


The hurt effect is implemented together with the attackEntityFrom() method that checks for things like invulnerability and such and I think there is a field called the hurtTimer or something like that.  I'm not clear from your question if you actually want to hurt the entity, or just make it look hurt.  If you just want it to look hurt then you'd have to handle the render event and blend in red while keeping track of a timer to control how many ticks.

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Use LivingAttackEvent to check when the player is damaged by falling and if so, cancel it.


To add to diesieben07's suggestion, note that there is field in the passed event called source that is of type called DamageSource for which DamageSource.FALL represents fall damage.


Like many things in programming there are multiple approaches to solving some problems.  There are multiple hooks related to damage and you can take the perspective of trying to control it in the "attack", the "fall", or the "hurt" processing.  The attack is probably a good point because it happens before the hurt so is a clean hook in this case.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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If you want to only provide fall immunity for a certain distance, on the event they are talking about you can lower the fall distance variable with a zero check minimum each time fall damage is detected.

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