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[SOLVED]1.7.2 Forge wont work!

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Hi, im trying to make a forge 1.7.2 server, I made a 1.6.4 one just fine, but when i make a forge 1.7.2 one I get this! I posted a thread in minecraft forums, no reply!



This is my batch file, (I renamed my forge jar into 'Run')


java -Xms2048M -Xmx2048M -jar Run.jar -o false




Im trying to load flans mod, I get the flans mod file which i put the content packs in, but no flansmod.config! And when i try joining it (which i can amazingly can) I cant use any of the items But i can in singleplayer! Please Someone help me. I Have Java 8! I tried 7 too.

This is the error!




I appoligize deeply if I wrote something wrong, please dont get mad at me. Im a begginger at posting threads. Sorry

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Thankyou, the great lexmanos!!! You are a coding god, btw thanks, but i had the mods in the mods folder of my .minecraft and server mods folder, turns out i used jarfix and updated to java 8 (from java 7) and it worked, thanks for replies!

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