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Strange Block rendering issue with Forge for 1.7.10


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i have had a really strange bug with blocks rendering as other blocks with Forge. Im using Forge 13.0.1191 for MC 1.7.10

I know that it is only Forge because the bug still persists even when i have removed all mods.


For example, all wood and logs will look like oak planks and logs. Seeds will not appear grown when bone mealled, even though they are, and dirt will sometimes look like Podzel. If you break the block, it will still give you what even you placed down, and reloading the world will cause things the blocks to render normally again, but newly placed blocks will still have the same issue

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So by deleting my Forge versions, and fresh installing forge version 10.13.1180, the bug no longer persists. I wonder now if the bug had any thing to do with me having multiple forge versions installed on minecraft, how ever the different versions are stored separate from each other... oh well, problem solved :)

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