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Infinite Sprites and Block Rendering


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Hello everyone,


I've been studying Forge's source code for the past few days because I'm basically trying to mod the standard minecraft so that I can specify another terrain.png file for the custom items of my server. I've been trying to locate what Forge does so that the rendering of block now depends on the path of (for instance) the terrain2.png I've created but I'm stuck at the :


    public static void renderBlock(RenderBlocks render, Block block, int x, int y, int z)


which is located in the MinecraftForgeClient.java


It seems to be doing the custom rendering but I cannot a single place where this method is called. Feels like a dead end to me. Does anyone know where this method is used or if it has nothing to do with the custom terrain.png path? If so, do you think I can easily replicate this functionnality "by hand"?


I cannot install Forge on my server because my code structure is already way too advanced and too heavy to be rethought.


If anyone has any info on how to achieve this, I would be extremely grateful. If what I'm trying to achieve is not clear, please tell me so and I will try to explain it better... Thanks a lot for reading all that!


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With the recent changes concerning the interaction between Forge and Modloader, i'm actually not sure what to think anymore but to be able to make such a change, I need to really think this through.

On a server, does having Forge modify the fps for players or the way Minecraft will run for them in general? Will I be able to keep existing worlds which already have existing custom blocks which were created with Forge? Can I mod Bukkit as I used to do with Forge?

I'm actually thinking about switching to Forge with the newest 1.3.2 update which I haven't modded already but I really need to make sure that those three points are under control before I make any decision...

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Wait so you havent even update dot 1.3.2 yet?

Definitly should bite the bullet and move to forge then, you already have to re-write 90% of your shit that deals with modloader and servers.

Forge does not add any significant additional strain on the client beyond what is needed for the mod, only reports ive ever heard of noticable performance drops were unsubstantiated.

All worlds will be fine, we dont fuck up any save formats or anything.

As for bukkit, the same groupe that did the ML ports does the Forge ports, specifically, the guy who does FML is the one who does the Forge ports.

He hasnt done one yet for 1.3.2 as no real mods are updated yet, and it is a tedious process to port forge. We are however looking into ways to make this less tedious}


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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  • 1 month later...

Hi again you guys!

A few days after Halloween, I'm digging this topic out... because Bukkit Forge was dropped (http://www.mcportcentral.co.za/index.php?topic=3989.0).

And that sends me back to my initial issue. A heavily modded server that uses a lot of Bukkit plugins whose removal is not an option and which needs to be updated to 1.4.2.

I know it probably is stupid not to mod using Forge or Modloader but I need the Bukkit aspect for this server...


Two options :

1) You guys are awesome and you know an alternative way to get a Forge Bukkit server with 1.4.2.

2) You guys are awesome and you know a way to add the multi-terrain.png functionality (which is the only Forge feature I really need) in a vanilla modded Minecraft.


Either way, you guys are awesome and I'm really counting on you!


Happy Friday ;D

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