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Posting installation instructions on Wiki


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When I was trying to post installation instructions on the wiki in continually gave me this error:

Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data. Please try again. If it still does not work, try logging out and logging back in.

I try re-logging in and it still gave me the same error so I don't know if this is my problem or a server-side problem.

Also, I couldn't decide what forum I should post this in so it would be nice if you could inform me on where it should go.

Thank you.

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Oh bah, that is mediawiki stupidity, I will try to fix that when I get some time today.


EDIT:  Yeah as I thought, mediawiki uses php sessions instead of something decent like this forum, gave php access to saving session data, try it now?  I had to restart php so the cache got cleared, any new pages accessed will be slow on initial access and fast after that as the cache fills up.

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Here I'm trying to make it like stand off as java code: http://minecraftforge.net/wiki/How_to_use_infinite_terrain_and_sprite_indexes

Oh, you mean a code block?  Like on any other mediawiki site.  :)

<nowiki>Start with a space in the first column,
(before the <nowiki>).

Then your block format will be

This is good for copying in code blocks:

def function():
    """documentation string"""

    if True:
        print True
        print False</nowiki>


I might add a dedicated color-syntax code block here soon, need to find a good one to add.


EDIT1:  I added GeSHi and defaulted it to java, so you can just surround code in <source></source> or <syntaxhighlight></syntaxhighlight> blocks on the wiki now.  The options you can see here.


EDIT2:  I went ahead and updated your page, I added the lang="java" bits even though it is not necessary just because your top code element was already like that, but they are unneeded, just use <source></source> will default to java, as what makes sense on this wiki.


You want me to get rid of the zooming out part for the banner?

The animation that fills the banner in combination with the size of it is... distracting, plus it is not giving any useful information.  ;)

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I don't have permission to create/edit Minecraft Forge:News or Minecraft Forge:Releases.

I'm not sure if you did that on purpose or not but I'm willing to continually update those pages.

That is on purpose for now, need to speak with LexManos about how he wants permissions for those handled.  Remind me later.  Maybe I can just link the releases to the SMF board or so...

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