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SOLVED: Game Crippling Bug, possible forge (maybe, could be external launcher)


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So, Lex has responded to this post, asking how I was loading my Minecraft. I responded by saying that I was using forge with LightLoader pached in. I have gone to a different file using JUST forge (, and have run 3 tests, making sure that the bug was gone. So far, I have been successful in spawning into the world where I had left. to make sure that it wasn't just a thing, I put something in my inventory I could spare, a piece of dirt. Apon all 3 resets, the dirt and my 1 level of experience stayed with me, as well as respawning inside of my roofless house (thank you Enviromine). So, I believe that there is either a problem with forge, or how an external loader/patcher effects forge, that causes the reset. Lex, if you could look into the problem, so see if it happens for you as well, I will try to contact the creators of LightLoader, MCPatcher, and MajicLauncher (I have only uses Light Loader). Thank you for helping me, and I will spread the news of how to fix this problem! (as for now I will be making backups of my save each time I close, provided I remember to do so, if not then whenever I make a major upgrade in my base)



So, I recently posted here with an error that I was using the wrong version of forge. that had been solved and now, I have another problem, this one much, much more concerning and needs to be looked into ASAP, please.


The problem that I am having is, that whenever I make a new world and play around, then leave MC and close down the client, when I go back and re-join the world, my inventory gets cleared and reset, and I get sent back to my spawnpoint... its a bit fustraiting to hae to run back and forth, dumping my items into a chest whenever I want to log off... so could someone look into it with the following Forge Log, hopefully the secret to this bug/glitch is hidden within




that is my latest forge log, since then, I have NOT run minecraft at all. I have made a new world and played around a little while, doing a few things. I mainly did this to build up a log for someone to look through.


YES I have mods other than forge

YES I have changed between versions of forge to try and solve the problem

YES I have looked online for similar problems, so for no responces or solutions, AT ALL

YES I am running with an external mod/launcher. In my case, I'm using Light Loader. I have seen one other problem where the user is running with MagicLauncher.

NO I have not tried running in vanilla and see if the problem has shown up in a normal world

NO I am not willing to give Minecraft up, and I really hope that this is solved soon so I can play it again without worrying about loosing my inventory if I crash or accidentally log out without putting my inventory into a chest


Please, someone look into this and help, its is a horrible horrible bug, and I don't know where its coming from. Thank you for reading, and help those with this bug

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I'm using the vanilla launcher, BUT! I also pached it with LightLoader, I had a feeling that it could be that, and I will give that a shot, seing if using regular forge will work without deleting my file (i will back up the save so I don't loose it). If that isn't it, what do you think it could be Lex?

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Most likely it is how you are loading your game.

What launcher are you using.


Thank you Lex, I have since (hopefully) solved my problem. I will send this info to other posts that I have seen with this problem. As I said in my update, it could either be the coding of Forge, or, it could be the way Forge handles being launched from another launcher, or a patch from something like MCPatcher or Majiclauncher.

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