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Textures with dynamic paths


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I'm having a problem with dynamic pathing for texture files. For example, say I have a bunch of textures in .minecraft/mods/Xie/... somewhere, but I don't know where they'll be until runtime, and I don't want to have to cram them all into the minecraft.jar. In the past, I was able to provide the path relative to the mod .zip file, and the class loader found it. Is this still the case and I'm a total noob, or is there another way and I'm only slightly noob? :P


Apologies if this question has been answered somewhere else, I did look, promise. Also I love the new Forge, keep up the good work ;)

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Sorry, I should have framed my question better. My mod doesn't come with any textures built in, you install whatever content you like and it gets dynamically added at runtime. In the past users installed content for my mod (plain text and textures) by copying it into ./mods/Xie/. So I was hoping for a way to refer to textures not inside the .jar or .zip.


It's all good, if I can't figure it out we'll just have to install content files into the mod zip instead.


Cheers for the quick reply.

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You could always use the net.minecraft.src.client.Minecraft.getMinecraftDir(); I believe it was like that, but it could be something similar, it's been a while since I had to use it. After that, you just make a file using that folder, then adding the rest of the path you want, like: "folder/another folder/as many folders as you need/file.extention". That should work, and if it doesn't, just ask again, and I'll try to do my best to help you.

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