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  1. public int getBlockTextureFromSide(int i); This is a method that can go in your block class. You should say if(i == x) return y; With x being the side (a number between 0 and 5) and y being the sprite index (a number between 0 and 255).
  2. The getRenderType shouldn't return the same number as the cauldron, but should return the number your custom renderer has.
  3. There are also sphere-building methods, according to the person who brought this up. Those are probably better for performance.
  4. Change it to Your_Item.itemID (whatever the capitalization is).
  5. I have not found a tutorial about enchantments either. I have no clue how to add them (with forge) either, but I myself don't need them. I can imagine it is annoying when you do need them, though.
  6. You can't use client files on the server. You need to use proxies to get around this.
  7. All I can tell you, is that you'll need to find another way to reference the variables inside the "theBiomeDecorator". I have no clue how, though.
  8. In the BiomeGen class (not sure which one, the one where all the biomes are declared) there are some variables. If you set a new value to any of those in the @Init or @PostInit methods of your mod, the biomes will change accordingly. I have no idea how to explain it in another way. biomeGenSky = new BiomeGenSwamp(); would be an example. However, I haven't looked into any biomes for some time, and I can't tell you for certain this will work. Good luck on finding your solution! EDIT: I have been looking around for you, and here it is: BiomeGenBase.*variable of biome you want to overwrite* = *value with which to overwrite* For instance: BiomeGenBase.biomeGenHell = new BiomeGenPlains();
  9. It should be new ItemStack(ironpress, 1, -1)
  10. Using access transformers or set new values to the variables there might work.
  11. In your block file, you COULD just override the hasTileEntity and return true, of course...
  12. You are referencing a client class on the server. Maybe use proxies or different methods to get around this problem. We can't help you any further without the crashing code though... There could also be a problem with your forge installation though, since there is no reference to your code in the log.
  13. There is an interface called ISpecialArmor, or something like that. Maybe that could help?
  14. Have you added the mod name to your @Instance annotation? Like this: @Instance("ModId") public static BaseMineConomy MineConomyInstance; The ModId needs to be the same as the one in the @Mod annotation. Hope this helps!
  15. Nope, it shouldn't affect the naming, afaik. However, maybe try using different classes, as that MIGHT still be the problem...
  16. ...wondering why people arent reading all that i wrote... no, of course its not hard to go through the class and check for instances...thats exactly what i did, except through SEVERAL classes including ModLoader, GameRegistry and FurnaceRecipes ""Cannot make a static reference to the non-static method ""....apparently my reference was static although i dont know how/why. it was just in the init method along with regular recipes, etc. Your reference was static; You didn't use an instance of the FurnaceRecipes class to reference the method with, you used the static class. You should use an instance of the class unless the methods inside the class are static.
  17. Maybe returning the new Itemstack? I have done that before, that worked.
  18. Perhaps you should do something about this part: @Init public void load(FMLInitializationEvent event){}{
  19. Maybe set the block ID at those coords to 0 (air). Then the block should disappear.
  20. Well, in some cases you need to send packets. But for the rest, it's basically just coding it once.
  21. Indeed, I did this some time ago (check the Cross the Line mod). This isn't very difficult, it's just playing around with the workbench code.
  22. Maybe people will help you if you don't double post.
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