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Packet Error, IRC group baffled


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I would like to start off saying that I followed the instructions to the letter. I am a web developer, but I have no experience with programming a server/client based game, so I've tried various basic troubleshooting, plus a couple extra things suggested by the IRC Chat Members, to no avail.


I downloaded Minecraft 1.7.10 via the Vanilla Launcher, fresh before installing Forge via the official installer, then adding 1 widely used mod (ComputerCraft). From there, I had some troubleshooting to do with CC, but after that, the client couldn't connect. At irc.esper.net#minecraftforge member's suggestion, I tried without CC. I did a completely fresh install of the Vanilla 1.7.10 and Forge. Same error.


A few more details, as well as the logs for both times, are here: http://hastebin.com/raw/ezagawiqeg

I cannot find the Forge logs for the client. They are COMPLETELY missing. Again, I used the official Forge installer.


UPDATE: No where did I read that I had to point the launcher at a new 1.7.10. It was only upon exploring my .minecraft folder that I found "versions/1.70.1-forge.blah/...", so I looked through the list of versions and found the alternate 1.7.10, at the BOTTOM, after the 1st release of MC..... So, thank you for the absolute clarity of your instructions, especially for people new to non-official gaming.

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