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For each of the four views(Inventory, first person, third person, entity):

- does it render correctly in 3D?

- if not, what does it look like?  2D, or invisible?


This link might help, see the Item Rendering sections


and especially



I notice that renderItem doesn't handle INVENTORY?



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Hello I'm obsesed with 3D item rendering.


I've found some differences between my mod and yours in the ClientProxy

try to register the renderer like so (taken from my mod):

MinecraftForgeClient.registerItemRenderer(MagicItems.WoodenWand, new RenderWoodenWandItem());

also I usually do in my Item class both this.isFull3D(); and  this.setFull3D(); in the constructor instead of the bFull3D = true.


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and also in your main mod class don't register the clientProxy.registerRenders but register it on common proxy (I'm doing it like this and it works for me)

whoa dude, danger zone there

It will work fine until you try and run your mod on a dedicated server.  Then it will fall in a heap.  Client-side-only stuff like renderers should be in client proxy.



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