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Confused on playingSoundsStopTime


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I'm trying to get the length of a music sound so I can send it to the server and the server can determine when the sound is done playing.  I was looking into getting playingSoundsStopTime from the SoundManger class, however looking through the code I find this is how it's set:


this.playingSoundsStopTime.put(s, Integer.valueOf(this.playTime + 20));


So it just adds 20 ticks to it?  That doesn't seem correct, otherwise music would always stop playing after 20 ticks...

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I'm modifying code for a multi disc jukebox that is currently using the clients to determine when a song is done and then all clients tell all other clients to play the next track, but that method causes a number of problems like:

When someone mutes their volume all tracks skip for everyone.

If there is lag involved or a connection hiccup the user with the lag causes tracks to skip.

Sometimes messages get doubled and it tries to play a track twice.



So logically it would be better if the server was the only one who told people when to change tracks.  Only one message and missing files, volume, etc wouldn't interfere with it.


Of course since the server doesn't use the soundsystem and actually have the files I was going to use System.currentTimeMillis() to keep track of play time and send the length of the songs to the server whenever the container is changed.


Currently I have it successfully changing tracks every 10 seconds and it works great, but the only piece of the puzzle left is to get the length of the song.

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Well, I've got part of it figured out for getting the song length:


try {
AudioInputStream audioInputStream = (AudioInputStream)Minecraft.getMinecraft().getResourceManager().getResource(resourceLocation).getInputStream();
                    AudioFormat format = audioInputStream.getFormat();
                    long frames = audioInputStream.getFrameLength();
                    double durationInSeconds = (frames+0.0) / format.getFrameRate();


Only problem is I don't know what to put in for resourceLocation.  Using this does not work:


ResourceLocation resourceLocation = currentRecord.getRecordResource(currentRecord.recordName);

java.io.FileNotFoundException: minecraft:record2


The sound locations are set in a .json file so maybe that's part of the problem.  That and I really don't understand how Minecraft resources work :).

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