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About the display of text in language files


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the escape character don't behave normally.

When I choose the UTF-8 language

the “\:” in texts in forge folder like “forge.update.newversion=New Forge version available\: %s”

is displayed as "\:" instead of ":"which it should be.

But strangely the escape character in some tooltips in the texts in fml folder like "\n" works well.

Can this be fixed?


Also, I find some texts may need localizing.

"Config"&"Disable" buttons in Modlist GUI

Modlist GUI title "Mod List"

Mods info in the Modlist GUI such as "Version:","Mod ID:", "Mod State:", "Credits:" "Author:", "URL:"and "No child mods for this mod", "child mods:", "No mod infomation found", "Ask your mod author to provide a mod mcmod.info file" etc.

ModInGame GUI title "Mod Options"


In addition, I have localized the lang files both in fml & forge folder to my speaking language Simplified Chinese.

What should I do to upload these to you?

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I'm sorry that in fact

I still just find entries starting with "forge.XXX" in tha address

and there're nothing starting with "fml.XXX" like "fml.menu.modoptions=Mod Options..." and "fml.menu.mods=Mods".

Is ForgeModLoader seperated relatively with Forge?

And in the jar file I can only find "en_US" of fml without any other lang files.

I think that maybe you forgot fml's lang file localization

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