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bugs in forge


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Hey here are two bugs that i have found in forge, one that i could have reported a while ago hoping some else had found it. here goes.


new bug that wasn't in the previews forge was a bug the it eats you music disks when you load them in the jukebox.


a bug that has been around for a few forges now is that when you add a new block or item to an existing world all of the textures get out of aligned between every mod that you have installed. i found this bug a while back because i am part of a team that is make a multi mod mod and i also tried it in multimc with bop installed adding it later to a current world and the texture mapping when crazy. it affected bop and our mods as well.


thanks i hope you these are easy to fix.  have a great day


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No it also happened in the dev environment as well.


best way of putting it, for the textures if you go into the creative tabs and havew least stay 3 new creative tabs. the first tab stuff is all good because nothing changed, and the second tab you have a new item added to it. it will put the new texture in the last spot on the last tab and replace backwards until it finds the new item.


and the jukebox thing i was in creative if that helps.


but no i dont use of because it doesnt launch worlds right now with minecraft 1.8 but it will launch into minecraft starting screen so any bug that i find i make sure that it is not a of bug first, because i know that it causes a lot of problems with textures.

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you cant find the texture bug unless you have multiple mods loading that is the bug shuffle all the textures across all the mods that is the bug.  that is way nobody has found it yet because everyone is going to a one jar mod. and we in the dev environment are using like 9 jars. if you want to pm me and i can talk to you and show you the bug. I now understand were the bug is coming from and why nobody has found it yet is that there is not three mods that you can test a pack with.

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