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Administrative Requirement for Gradlew Makestart?


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Didn't really see this as a bug or issue as I found the solution, just a bit of curiosity.



JDK = build 1.8.0_25-b18

OS = Windows 8.1

Forge src =


So before when I was tinkering with 1.8's FML I had no issues setting up using the good old gradlew SetupDecompWorkspace eclipse, as well as a .bat that opened up the gradle GUI.


But when I went to set up a 1.8 Forge environment it failed to find my compiler during makestart, which I found quite odd. Went to double check my syntax for path and my path for the user variable, they were both clear. Running an echo shows the correct location of the JDK and running java with the version param brought up the correct info. All sanity checks passed, but the blasted makestart still wouldn't run due to it not being able to find my JDK. Scratched my head for a bit, tried a fresh gradlew setup, tried different versions, nada.


Just to do one final check before spending some time digging through the web, I ran command prompt as an administrator, mounted the directory, and ran gradlew makestart. It worked perfectly.


So I was wondering; has Gradle changed so that it requires administrative privileges, or has my environment somehow thrown a spanner in the works for the forge versions?

I think its my java of the variables.

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I haven't touched my JAVA_HOME variable since I set up my JDK and had decompiled the FML1.8 environment successfully.


Also went to check the administrative level and it doesn't have a set JAVA_HOME variable, yet it is required to access the JDK compiler...


width=800 height=450Screenshot%202014-12-18%2010.47.18.png?d [/img]


Must be my setup, but I've got no clue what could have changed for the compiler to only be accessed via administrator.

I think its my java of the variables.

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Actually I just stumbled on part of the answer. Using the "Open command window here" or launching a .bat opens up a different command prompt setup(including window format) as opposed to manually launching command prompt. Seems to not have access to the C:/Program for system variables. No clue why yet but it's something.


Definitely not a forge thing, and just means I'll have to do a manual launch of cmd to avoid this- Sorry about that :P

I think its my java of the variables.

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