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[1.8] Making a layer of a block's texture have a different light level.


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So back in 1.7 i made ores look like they're glowing (Just the ore part) sorta like Thaumcrafts shard ore. But now that the ISimpleBlockRenderingHandler is gone, i can't render two blocks at the same time (the way i did it is have a dummy block render as the background and have the texture of the ore only have the bits that show it is an ore otherwise it was a transparent texture in the texture file and set the actual ore block getMixedBrightnessForBlock to a high number to make it glow without emitting any light from the block.)


So i know i can render an overlay over my block without having to render two blocks at once, but how do i set the brightness of only one overlay?


Ill use grass as an example. The snow overlay would be bright and the rest of the block would have a normal brightness without emitting a light source.


Former developer for DivineRPG, Pixelmon and now the maker of Essence of the Gods

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>So i know i can render an overlay over my block without having to render two blocks at once,

Are you sure that's still possible in 1.8?  I haven't found a way yet except using TileEntity (without ASM+reflection that is).

BlockGrass now uses a model with snowed property, it doesn't render with overlays.


You could perhaps do something similar if you have a custom ore- your block state could have a property of light level - say 0 - 15:

1) you override getMixedBrightnessForBlock() to always return full brightness for rendering,

2) in getActualState() you change the property depending on the true mixed brightness, and the renderer chooses the IBlockModel corresponding to the

It might work but it's pretty clumsy.


Personally I'd suggest using ASM+Reflection to add a custom renderer (eg override Block.getRenderType() to return 4, and add a case to BlockRenderDispatcher.renderBlock and .renderBlockDamage)


    public boolean renderBlock(IBlockState p_175018_1_, BlockPos p_175018_2_, IBlockAccess p_175018_3_, WorldRenderer p_175018_4_)
            int i = p_175018_1_.getBlock().getRenderType();

            if (i == -1)
                return false;
                switch (i)
                    case 1:
                        return this.fluidRenderer.renderFluid(p_175018_3_, p_175018_1_, p_175018_2_, p_175018_4_);
                    case 2:
                        return false;
                    case 3:
                        IBakedModel ibakedmodel = this.getModelFromBlockState(p_175018_1_, p_175018_3_, p_175018_2_);
                        return this.blockModelRenderer.renderModel(p_175018_3_, ibakedmodel, p_175018_1_, p_175018_2_, p_175018_4_);
                        return false;


Let me know if you decide to try it and it works :)



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