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Video on how to install: http://lnx.lu/adJ


DOWNLOADS (1.4.1):


- ModLoader: http://lnx.lu/ady

- ModLoaderMP: http://lnx.lu/afS

- Dayz Minecraft Mod: http://lnx.lu/bsn

- Optional Skins:

- Male:


- Female:


Client Installation Tutorial:



- Open the Minecraft.jar with WinRar (.minecraft / bin)

- Delete the META-INF folder

- Install ModLoader and ModLoader MP

- Copy everything inside this folder client (DayZModBeta1.4) into Minecraft.jar

- Go to the folder. Minecraft

- Copy and paste the resources folder (Replace if necessary)


Tutorial Server Installation:




- Open the file with Winrar minecraft_server.jar

- Install Server for ModLoaderMP [NOT DELETE THE META-INF]

- Copy everything inside this folder server (DayZModBeta1.4) and paste it into minecraft_server.jar





- Start with 12,000 life

- Life Bar and Hunger removed

- Melee Weapons (Baseball Bat, Hatchet, Crowbar and Hunting Knife)

- Makarov Makarov Mags +

- Random Chests

- Several Zombie Skins

- GUI Interface and Exclusive

- Zombies give Spawn day

- Only Spawns Zombies

- Zombies are now Faster

- Spawn of the player next to coast

- Peaceful Mode Removed

- Brightness only "Moody"

- 4 New Food (Baked Beans, Frank and Beans, Pasta and Sardines)

- Bandage

- Blood Bag

- Crossbow

- Vision in 3rd Person with unique animations of Makarov and Crossbow

- Removed Craft

- Sleeping in beds removed.

- HUD Stats Adcionado

- Multiplayer with Armass

- Durability of Melee Weapons Augmented

- Increased Damage drop

- When falling, there are chances of breaking the leg

- Blocks Unbreakable (Except Glass Pane)

- Bug Craft in Multiplayer Removed

- Makarov Bug Resolved

- Random Chests now working

- Morphine Auto Injector

- Added AKM! -NEW

- Added Lee Enfield! -NEW

- Added M1911! -NEW

- Name changed to negative effects! -NEW

- AI zombies changed (singleplayer only for testing)! -NEW

- New screen of death! -NEW

- In singleplayer, no longer continues after death! -NEW

- Bug piston neat! -NEW

- Bug of the high number of random chests in BloodBag spawnadas neat! -NEW

- Bug of the broken bone to enter the server tidy 50% (not last forever)! -NEW

- Time of broken bones from falls increased! -NEW

- Fall only cause damage when height is 4 or more! -NEW

- Bug bed in multiplayer neat! -NEW

- Weapons and ammunition added generated in the chests! -NEW

- Weapons and ammunition added in random chests! -NEW

* New in-game interface

* New tittle menu interface

* New in-game interface when you die

* New buttons

* Ores are no longer generated

* Biomes restriction as being generated

* Only zombies spawns

* Brightness only available on "Moody"

* Can't sleep

* Cactus deals more damage and there is a chance to let you bleeding

* Removed crafting

* Changed the colors of the potion effects

* Every food regenerates life

* Hunger bar no longer regenerates life

* Hunger deals 50 of damage

* Can't eat cake

* Fire deals 600 of damage

* Better Zombies

* You now drown 3x faster

* Drowning deals 600 damage

* Some items have a "realistic" look in third person view



Texture Packs:

- MacColt


- Install on your minecraft or the optifine mcpatcher

- Install any texture resolution with 32x, open the file and copy this texture all this within the file "Minecraft Mod Dayz 32x Texture" and paste in the file texture.


- Download:







Custom Maps:



Original Map:



Map of:




-Download the original map and customize (if he gets good send a mp with the download and maybe he will stop here!)


- Survival:


- Creative:



Map Beta 1.4 per ZombieCraft Team:


- Dean

- Krayzar










- Adryanoalf (Mods) (AdryanoALF Twitter)

- MacColt (Textures) (MacColt Twitter)

- HelllSmurf (Mods and Map) (HelllSmurf Twitter)



- Venom_Extreme (Disclosure)

- Fer0M0nas (Disclosure)

- Jarvas (Disclosure)

- Dr.M4ster (Disclosure)

- TazerCraft (Disclosure)

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Err... This is a place for Forge and Forge mods. Not ModLoaderMP and ModLoaderMP mods. >.> I mean, the section is even called "Forge Mods".

Check out my

Texture Packs Thread here on the Forge Forum. :)

Currently in the process of adding some mod support for JohnSmith Texture Pack.

width=105 height=12https://www.sugarsync.com/piv/D8135159_67366891_21351[/img]


width=209 height=19https://www.sugarsync.com/piv/D8135159_67366891_772852[/img]

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yeah i bet he wants to port it to forge anyway

"not to scare azanor more , but he's a programmer, which is like the child of an orgy between math, logic, writing, and black magic . without any one of those it just doesn't work" etopsirhc

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