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  1. A kind and thoughtful post. Especially nice considering that you can almost fully customize the flat terrain anymore in recent versions of MC. I got a new computer some time before 1.3.2 came out. The computer I'd been running before was an old 2002 Dell XP with half a GB of RAM... So you can imagine how suckish the experience was for me for a while. Especially creepers. Anyways, I can totally see the use for a post like this, and can personally relate. Thanks for this.
  2. There is a forum dedicated specifically to FTB. If you're certain that it's not Forge, then why did you post it here of all places? Next time, I'd suggest asking at the Feed-The-Beast Forums. You're much more likely to get help with problems regarding FTB there.
  3. The mod list has moved to http://modlist.mcf.li/latest
  4. I literally just gave you a link. There's both the 3.4.9 version and the 3.3.8 versions in my last post. Either should work. It doesn't need to be 3.3.8, it just has to be that or later for the most part. It is not impossible to get a link, those links I just posted are from the official minecraft forge file server...
  5. Rich is correct. Universal builds started when Mojang unified the code base between Client and Server in the 1.3 release. If you're wanting any 1.2.5 version, there would be no universal build, but a separate build for the client and the server. Both the the very latest client and server builds for 1.2.5 would be below. The following links are taken straight from the Minecraft Forge File Server. Forge for Minecraft 1.2.5 (changelog) (client) * (server) * Forge for Minecraft 1.2.5 (changelog) (client) * (server) * I hope this helps. (Give rich a thank )
  6. Well, Forge is incompatible with MCPatcher last I heard. If you're using it for HD textures, you'll have to work with Optifine. If you use it to install mods, try using MultiMC.
  7. Bukkit isn't coded the same way, and so, you can't just install the version of Forge from this site onto a bukkit server. It actually has to be coded for such. You'll need to get Forge from bukkit, not here. At least, that's how I think it works. I don't really use bukkit.
  8. Err... This is a place for Forge and Forge mods. Not ModLoaderMP and ModLoaderMP mods. >.> I mean, the section is even called "Forge Mods".
  9. Oh, Lex. I won't inquire further. But still, that's funny. I mostly feel better just having finally asked.
  10. UgoCraft = ModLoader + ModLoaderMP ModLoaderMP = Not Compatible with Forge
  11. The above link has been linked... incorrectly. Try this one. The Jenkins page
  12. I'm pretty sure that no. Forge doesn't actually replace it. If it did, it'd be more compatible with it. From what I've read ModLoaderMP goes about what it does either poorly, or in a way that isn't ideal. So, it's more a (bad) design choice for mod creators to use MLMP instead of Forge. For actual compatibility instead of "Well, it doesn't explode... That's good", mod authors will need to migrate to Forge instead of ModLoaderMP. I'm almost certain this is the case. I say almost as I have little to no knowledge of java code quite yet, and am going on what I've seen around the forum. All I've seen is that Forge has a built in replacement for Forge, and is not compatible with MLMP. Never saw any mention of them trying to bother trying to be compatible with it. So I'd say no. I'm sure somebody more knowledgeable than me will come along soon to let you know for sure.
  13. Zero


    No, you were banned because all you did was complain, didn't follow directions, didn't post proper logs, and complain further to Lex about his work. Firstly, you started off saying that Forge is harder to install. It's not. It can't be. There are literally like 3 steps. So, since you couldn't do those, we offered you simple alternatives. MultiMC or Magic Launcher. They can install it for you with a few clicks. But no, when we offered those alternatives, you went and screamed at us for it. The exact quote is this: You're getting errors. One would logically think, then, that you're not installing it correctly. Regardless of whether or not you fixed these issues, now you're back and once again in all caps. Demanding. (Thread title) And lastly, you basically just said that you were getting these errors from not having a premium account. I'm pretty sure Forge does not offer or imply support for people who use hacked/otherwise free minecraft versions. I'm not so certain you'll be met with open arms. However, I can make no such choices for anyone.
  14. Well, I'm not sure if anyone has asked, whether or not it's personal, or anything of the sort. But recently I had a dream about me being on the computer, which is rare, and I seem to now be under impression that we've talked about this before. But it was that feeling of "I don't know what's going on, I just woke from a dream" feeling. So, I'm going to go ahead and ask. This pertains mainly to Lex, but if someone else knows, I'll take the answer from anyone. Lex, what is your avatar here a picture of? Did you draw it? Did someone draw it for you? What is it? I've just been so curious.
  15. Are you making sure to use Minecraft version 1.2.5? That particular page only has a link for 1.2.5. If you're looking for 1.3.2 version of UgoCraft, try here. Other than that, they're using ModLoaderMP to develop the mod. Which isn't compatible with Forge, I don't think.
  16. Redpower has not yet been updated for 1.3.2. Thus, it will not work with 1.3.2.
  17. Sounds excellent. Keep up the great work. I've been looking for a simple teleportation mod, as a lot of people on the MCF have as well. People have to resort to the bigger mods, such as IC2 and Thaumcraft for such things normally, or resort to things that have little to no balance. Again, keep it up. This sounds an instant hit to me for those who know about it. Also, do those 50%-70% chances go strictly for teleporting to other dimensions, or does it also apply to unloaded chunks in the dimension you're currently in as well? Either way, I'll play around with it and see how it all works out. EDIT: Seems to be working fine within the same dimension for me. And it's fine after a minute when you teleport somewhere really, really far away. And if it's a chunk that was loaded once before, it doesn't generally to seem to have a problem. I'll do some more tests soon.
  18. Aww, Dark, I've been looking for something just like this! Thanks, I can use this to get around between millenaire villages. And the requirement for blaze powder makes it a bit of a hassle to get, which balances it nicely enough! Perhaps you could make the chunk that a sign is placed in stay loaded, so people either use them sparingly or just to fix a few of those bugs. Assuming that can be done easily across dimensions. (I know nothing))
  19. Either way, it's not recommended to use MCPatcher with Forge. See this post for one reason why.
  20. Doesn't look like it's installing correctly. What archiver are you using, and what methods are you using to install it? I recommend 7-Zip (Free) or WinRAR (Free trial) if you insist on adding the mods manually. If you'd rather not do it manually, I'd suggest MultiMC or Magic Launcher. MultiMC is more user-friendly, and Direwolf20 has doing an for the latest version. (You can find a link to each of those things in a previous post I made here)
  21. You have Forge build number 241. You're wanting at least build 251, which is the current recommended version. Which is this one.
  22. Please see my post here. it pretty much explains what you need to do.
  23. MCPatcher and Forge are not compatible. If you don't want to do it manually, try MultiMC or Magic Launcher. Direwolf20 made a video spotlight of MultiMC 4.0, so give that a watch on how to work it. It's pretty simple. Again, MCPatcher is not compatible with Forge at all. Also, if you previously used MCPatcher to install HD textures, you'll have to use Optifine instead. (I personally like Optifine better, and it works fine alongside forge)
  24. If you're installing manually, it's best to start with a clean minecraft.jar via Force Update if you want to add the newest Forge. But for most mods you can make this easier on yourself if you use MultiMC or Magic Launcher. Direwolf made a video spotlight of MultiMC 4.0, so give that a watch on how to do things with it. It's really simple. However, if you insist on doing it manually (Which isn't necessarily a bad thing... you learn stuff), just remember to backup your minecraft.jar before you change anything about it.
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