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[solved] EntitySpawnEvent


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  I am having difficulties finding how to create an event that spawns an entity for every new biome loaded. I have searched through the forge events' src code with no avail. I don't want this to randomly spawn but spawn upon the instance of a new biome loaded.


Any help would be appreciated, Thank You

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There is no event that exactly fits your very specific needs, but you can use the current events to piece together working code.


For example, you could probably listen to ChunkEvent.Load, get the biome for the coordinates being loaded and check against a custom Collection (Set would be good here) to see if that particular biome has been loaded before. If not, there you go: spawn entity and add biome to your set of previously loaded biomes.


Disclaimer: I've never personally used ChunkEvent.Load before, so I am not 100% sure if it the world will know what biome exists at the chunk's coordinates at this point, but you should get the idea.

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