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Dimension issues


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Hey there, I am having issues with a custom dimension.

Seeing as the mod is more for personal use I am not looking for a fancy portal, just a "nether portal" that uses a different block instead of obsidian.

I followed a few tutorials and I got the dimension to "work" but I am having a few issues.

1) The new dimension replicates the overworld almost perfectly... when I specified it to spawn a single custom biome

2) When I enter the dimension it creates a nether portal, when you go through that you go to the overworld, but enter the newly created nether portal, it goes to the nether.

3) The portal doesn't actually work. I place the block I set (temporarily) called endOre in the shape of a basic nether portal. And light it, but it doesn't work.


I have the whole code here on GitHub if anyone needs to look at it



Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Why bother?

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If it is making a Nether Portal instead of your custom one, then you're obviously not overriding "makePortal()" or whatever inside the teleporter you're using.


Edit: Scratch that... You're hardly even overriding any methods at all... If you want a custom portal, then actually have the code there to make it. Your portal block has bad syntax by the way. "teleporter.java" is not a good portal block name, atleast call it "BlockTeleporter.java" or something. You also have no code in your actual Teleporter class besides the constructor. So ofcourse your dimension travel isn't going to work as expected.


So if I were you, I would look up some tutorials or look at the vanilla code to help you.

Former developer for DivineRPG, Pixelmon and now the maker of Essence of the Gods

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