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[1.6.4]ISidedInventory, import export.


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Hello, I am trying to get my ISidedInvnetory code working how i want it.

Basically 1 have 2 slots, I wan to import into slot1 from all sides and export from all slots from slot2/


MY code so far.



private static final int[] slots_top = new int[] {0};

private static final int[] slots_bottom = new int[] {2, 1};

private static final int[] slots_sides = new int[] {1, 0};



  public int[] getAccessibleSlotsFromSide(int par1) {

    return par1 == 0 ? slots_bottom : (par1 == 1 ? slots_top : slots_sides);




public boolean canInsertItem(int par1, ItemStack par2ItemStack, int par3) {

      return this.isItemValidForSlot(par1, par2ItemStack);


public boolean canExtractItem(int par1, ItemStack par2ItemStack, int par3) {

return par3 != 0 || par3 != 1 || par3 != 2 || par1 != 0 || par2ItemStack.itemID == Item.bucketEmpty.itemID;





Been messing with the canExtractItem() functions for a while now and altough some stuff has changed i still cant get the right sides working.


If i knew the difference between par1 and par3 or what part of it is import and what is export i would be able to manage.

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Someone please help. I have spent the last 6 hours on this trying every combination of par1, par3, ==, !=, 0,  1,2 and everything else i could and still nothing. no searching on google, minecraftforums or forgeforums has helped me in the slightest. I've even taken into looking at source code from EnderIO and Thermal Expansion and that has not helped me either.

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