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[1.8 Forge] Flickering Tree's/Glass [Minecraft 1.8]


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I'm having a few problems with Forge at the moment but I'll start with the most pressing.


It doesn't start off right away and I tried duplicating whatever may of caused it but after a while, it seems the tree's leaves and glass panes will flicker. I would say its z-fighting but it doesn't look quite like it, nore is there any textures to fight, that I can think of.


The only mods i'm using are NEI and the core mod required for it.


My other problem is that the entire game seems fairly laggy. I allocated up to 4gb of ram but it did very little to help.


Lastly, I can't seem to get Optifine to work. It shows it loaded but doesn't actually do anything (My other issues are without this installed, as I assumed Optifine may be the issue.)



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Record it and show what you're talking about.

Also do not install Optifine or anything else, and test with JUST Forge.


I removed the other 2 mods as requested. I can't seem to make the trees flicker again but perhaps its because of NEI and the core mod it needs?


Either way, I still seem to have fairly terrible fps.

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My guess is you installed optifine for 1.8 rather than placed it in your mods folder, as this edits the 1.8 version forge builds upon it can cause several issues.


A quick solution is to go into your %appdata%/.minecraft/versions directory and remove the optifine corrupted/installed 1.8 version.


Then reinstall the forge client, this will replace the 1.8 version before patching it to work properly with forge.


Put optifine in the mods directory rather than installing it and (apart from the crash issue with forge it should be working.


Note: optifine D3 turns off VBO's when fast rendering is selected usually causing flickering issues - Turn off Fast Rendering and turn on VBO's.




I know the original post was a couple of months old, but this solution may assist the OP and others with similar issues.

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This is the same problem that I reported and that I couldn't recreate.

But today I did.


Video link below. Since the flickering is very fast like 30 Hz or something its hard to capture on video but you can see it in the last few seconds.


The flickering starts after I open NEI and scroll through the items. My guess is that its when I mouse over on a spawner that triggers the flickering. I can see in the background that world is lit up same way it is while destroying it with a pickax. And after that glass and trees (and other thin items from add-on) flicker at a distans.


The video is from a run with only NEI installed, no optifine and no texture pack and default settings in MC.





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Well have you tried it without NEI?

It does some rendering things that could derp up the state.

This looks like lighting is being turned on/off.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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I'v tried without NEI, bur since I have no mob spawner to point at (so far) its hard to say if it a MC or a NEI problem.

I'v tried with NEI but not putting mouse over a mob spawer => no flickering but after a few hours the game gets more and more laggy until I have to restart it :(

I'v will try to find a mob spawner in my current world and see what happens.


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For anyone who find this on Google. Turning Mipmap Levels to Off seems to stop the flickering.


For any newer people from google: I encountered this issue in the 1.9 builds, even without any mods installed, and turning mipmap to 0 also fixed it for me.

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