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[1.7.10] onArmorTick performance question


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Context: armor materials that use onArmorTick to cause various effects when the whole set is equipped.


What performance difference if any would there be between having your normal ItemModArmor class with the one onArmorTick testing every instance of ItemModArmor, versus having your normal ItemModArmor class but then with unique classes to each armor material that have their own onArmorTick.


Or another way to put it is: is onArmorTick called ONLY if the corresponding armor material is equipped? Because otherwise it'd be a case of n different calls each with x boolean comparisons versus 1 call containing n*x boolean comparisons


x = (test null + test equipped) * each item slot

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The function's called in the parent class anyway.  Overriding it isn't going to harm cpu usage, just check for the material and do nothing if its the wrong material.  It'll cost like 6 bytecode instructions, which in the grand scheme of things, is nothing.

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