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[1.7.10] onBlockDestroyedByPlayer explosion


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So my block that explodes when broken doesn't deal damage to the player that triggers it (does damage others) and I'm pretty sure it's because of what I declare as the entity.


public void onBlockDestroyedByPlayer(World world, int x, int y, int z, int meta) {
	world.createExplosion(world.getClosestPlayer(x, y, z, meta), (double)x, (double)y, (double)z, 10.0F, false);


What should I actually be putting in there? From what I can tell the entity is supposed to be the one that causes the explosion (i.e. the block). I was trying to find something along the lines of "(EntityTile)this" but failed.

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I am not sure, but you are looking for a thing called TileEntity, not EntityTile?


Honestly, there is no method to convert a Block into a Entity.

You may consider making a dummy entity that, when constructed, explodes instantly.


By the way, it is quite diffic--- advanced to control whether a player is damaged by specific explosions.

(I dont even know how)

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World.createExplosion(Entity, posX, posY, posZ, power, someBoolean);


Basically what this does is spawn an explosion:

Entity = exploder (will not get damaged, he's the "owner" of explosion)

X/Y/Z - coords

power - size of explosion in meters (blocks)

someBoolean - irrelevant for you.


What you are doing is declaring player who destroyed block as owner world.getClosestPlayer(x, y, z, meta), therefore he won't be damaged (actually if you would go deeper in code there is some system that gets capabilities like explosionResistance and stuff, I have no idea how it works as for now).


I suggest trying to put null into Entity field - methods seems like it allows exploder to be null (has null-checks).


1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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I suggest trying to put null into Entity field - methods seems like it allows exploder to be null (has null-checks).


That's what TNT does.


(TNT that explodes as the result of being destroyed by an explosion also gains the owner of the original explosion, conveniently enough)

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