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[1.7.10]Realistic Deaths


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width=800 height=600https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/73396944/Dragon%20Update%20Logo.png[/img]

Welcome to my mod page! This is an old idea of mine recently brought to minecraft! Have you ever been bored of the way that mobs drop items? Me to, that is why I created this mod. Now instead of worrying about the mobs dropping just a few items you can much, much, more!


Youtube videos wanted! Please create one and PM it to me!





WELCOME TO 1.7.10 and a new version of Realistic Deaths! I have finally found the bit of inspiration that I needed to push another update of this mod and this one is much, much, better than some of the others. I have added some new things, some over powered, some not so powered whatsoever. I hope that you guys enjoy this version as much as I did making it.


Newest Lore

After decades of research you have finally found a way to take those old, stale dragon eggs and fertilize them! With this you are able to hatch babies from it but the babies are a bit different. Due to them being in the egg for such an extended period of time "Long Term Mutation" has kicked in and the baby is an entirely new species! This species is stronger, faster, and more dangerous than it's mother. You better watch out, this dragon makes his mother look like cotton.



This mod adds in a new function to mob deaths! Whenever they die there is now a quarter chance that they will drop a "body" or head. With this head you can either mine it to get rid of it or carve into it with a Carving Knife! This will remove the block and leave you with more drops than before!


Download The Mod



Crafting Recipes

Now in the guide book!


Visit us on Github!


To Be Added

Before you get the list I want you to leave your ideas below!


*Iron Golem Head

*Wolf Head

*Any other mobs that are in mc... ;3



Modpacks and Videos

You may use this mod in any public or private modpack as long as it is free of charge, has this license shown below in the main page of the modpack and has a link to this page on the main page of the modpack.

This mod may be used in any videos, public or private, as long as there is a link to this page in the video description.



Screnshots can be viewed here.



Support The Mod!

Leave your name in the comments when you add the banner and I will add your name to a list on this page! Your name will also be added to the mod so that you recieve an achievement and item that can only be gotten this way!

NOTE: You can also get supporter by creating a youtube video and sending me the link and your minecraft username.




Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.



If you advertise on this post your comment will be removed and you blocked from posting on ANY of my submissions!




Q: Whats up with the pink images?

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