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Quick question relating to version directories.


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I have a question related to installing multiple versions of forge for varied server play.


I was originally going to post this under suggestions, but the readme sticky tells me it's already a thing:

If you see something you'd like to suggest in this list, please DO NOT mention it.

These suggestions have been raised and denied repeatedly for various reasons.

  • Per-version mod folders (mods/1.6.4, mods/1.7.10 for example). THIS IS ALREADY IN FORGE.

I tried digging around and didn't find anything related to it, or maybe I'm just not sure how it works; so to be clear my questions are the following:

  • If I make a directory inside my mods folder and in it I place mods for X or Y version i.e "
    C:\Users\Darky Alan\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods\1.7.2

    " and then repeat the same for a different version, would I be able to simply switch versions on the launcher and carry on ?

  • Would it be possible to specify multiple directories for a single forge version?

Allow me to clarify on that last one, I haven't run into this issue in a long time: Say I play on two servers that run the same version of Minecraft, however one server utilizes X mods; while the other only utilizes Y. I'd feel it'd be too bulky to have mods I don't need loaded all into one version of the game; would it be possible to pull this off? If so should I consider making a suggestion thread about it?

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