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[1.7.10] Help needed with understanding EntityArrowObject


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I am making a class which is extension for ranged weapons classes in my mod.

The main reason why I want to do that is better and faster weapons coding.

Now I am trying to change a reloading time off weapons. Just simply code the number double number of seconds to reload.

I stucked on creating new EntityArrow object when the player stops using item.


EntityArrow entityarrow = new EntityArrow(par2World, par3EntityPlayer, (float) (f * 2.0F * 4/3));

I dont know what is the third parameter. In my forge dev build there isnt any desc of that method and its parameters.

It could be a start speed of an arrow or sth like this but I am not sure. What could be the units if so. Meters per second wheter other?

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I did it but it didnt help.


float f = (float)j / 20.0F;
            f = (f * f + f * 2.0F) / 3.0F;

            if ((double)f < 0.1D)

            if (f > 1.0F)
                f = 1.0F;

            EntityArrow entityarrow = new EntityArrow(p_77615_2_, p_77615_3_, f * 2.0F);

Float f seems to be an amount of seconds of bow pulling(int j is a tick amount)

I dont understand that code:  f = (f * f + f * 2.0F) / 3.0F;

Than there are 2 ifs. First looks if the f isnt too small, second isnt too big. So it probably could be a 0-1 relation of max bow pulling.


I can add that changing 3rd parameter changes speed of arrows. Problem is what are the units.

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Greate idea. I will try and reply.


I was wrong. That par3 is strange.

If I put there 2F speed seems to be 4m/tick

When 4F it seems to be from 4 to 6.


Can sb tries to get know what are those par3 and how to set correctly speed??

Mayby I have too much lags and speed isnt corectly shown in console.



Ok, now I am 100% sure that par3 is speed :)

par3 is preaty strange argument. The unit of it is meter per tick, but we must / our speed by 1.5 to make it correct in the balistic code.

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