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[1.4.7] Molecraft 0.7.0


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Welcome to Molecraft, where dirt is more than inventory filler and insects are your friends. Have you ever wanted to make your house out of dirt? Have you ever wondered if you could breed your own tools? Probably not, but we're doing it anyway!


What's there to do in Molecraft?


0.5.0 - Reusing this version number, there's a little deal of stuff to be done. There are terrariums for bug growing and a seedstone. Confused? Check out Getting Started guide here.


0.6.0 - Now with new armors and tools and a new seedstones!


0.7.0 - Seedstones were reworked, so now we're back to only one. But we also have a new bug, a more sensible clump and grub generation scheme and ominous Standing Stones around the world. Oooh...


WARNING - Molecraft has gone through a Block/Item ID revamp, so there's a big chance that if you have a Molecraft world running, a lot of stuff will, well, not work. Thank goodness there wasn't much to do yet, eh? ^_^"


Where's all that useful information that used to be here?!


It's been relocated to our very own wiki! And if you want a direct take on "what the heck am I supposed to do?", check the Getting Started page there. Just a hint: make sure you have cows nearby!


What does the future hold?


- More bugs, of course! Grubs come in different kinds and turn into lots of different stuff!

- More advanced terrariums! Imagine if you could leave more than one bug metamorphosing, or if your bugs could work on items you left inside...

- More dirt items! Can dirt become fuel? Be dried into sand, or wetted into clay? Can dirt become valuable and hard? Of course it can!

- Mole lore! The secrets of the Stone and the Word. Does this mean... MAGIC?! (Yes, yes it does)

- A whole new mole-friendly biome! Lots and lots and lots of dirt!

- Seedstones and more seedstones to shape the environment around you to your liking! Want a lake? Seedstone! Want more plants? Seedstone! Want a lake of lava? Seedstone! Want diamonds? ...wait, no. Not that.


Shut up already, where can I download it?!


Right here, in the Releases page in our wiki!


Keep in mind that this is still an experimental mod and has no official item/block ID list, so things might change a lot. Don't get too attached to your structures and items, is what I mean. :P

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Thanks a bunch, I'm also curious about your mod. Sorcery in Minecraft is something I'm fond of. :D


So, I'm reworking this mod and the next release will have some stuff less, but also a lot of stuff more. Especially the thing about crafting with dirt and a better way to get grubs. And some magic too. Damn, do I love magic components. :P


Hope the people who are viewing this topic are liking what they're seeing for now. :D

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Nice little mod so far!


Loving your texture work on the insects and the Terrarium also serving to repair my new found friend is a nice touch aswell.


For your grubs, another method of finding them could be perhaps having knots gen on trees, that you then harvest with a stick, similarly with mounds of earth for different types of bugs.  Just a thought as I sit watching my bug bait grow.


Looking forward to seeing where you go with it, and don't forget to update your version numbers  ;)



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Thanks there. Nice to know you like the Stag Beetle, it's only one of many planned different insects. :D


Next release will do off with the bait blocks(later they'll be changed) and the Spade will be used to find grubs in normal dirt and other shoveable blocks. I plan to have grubs in tree trunks, too, and the mounds also sound like a good idea. I'm not dealing with world generation yet. I've just started learning about modding. =/

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Good news, everyone! :D


The first "pillar" of Molecraft is ready for the first release! Dirtcrafting has one awesome recipe that is the base for a myriad of other resources planned to be available in the mod. And today I just finished testing it locally. Smooth. :D


With one of the other three pillars being postponed for a later release and the other already half done from the start(the bugs) I'm expecting Molecraft 0.5 to be around by November 15(though taking in account local holidays and stuff, I'd make that 18th to be sure :P).


Hope there's anyone waiting around. This is turning out pretty exciting. :D

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Yes, we have our first release and our wiki! Which is incomplete, but I'll fill when I have time.


I'll have to stop developing Molecraft for a while to focus on other things, but please, if you've downloaded and played it and found any bugs or glitches, please report here so I can try and fix them in the next release. Or before, if it's really critical.


All in all, thanks for playing and I hope you have fun! :D

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Ok, so, milestones for 0.6 include fixing whatever bugs I can find, checking SMP compatibility and possibly 1.4.2. And also, the last of the "Three Pillars of Molecraft", Mole Lore. Not much, but a start.


Point is, the Mole Lore submod will deal with magic crafting, not unlike Thaumcraft's seals. It'll involve stone pillars with runes that do stuff in a chunk-wide basis. Point is, I'm still working out the "whats". That's where you enter, if you wish.


Leave your suggestion on what you'd like to see being done with these stone pillars. I have a few ideas, but given I have a ton of paralell projects going on, my imagination gets hampered and distracted, and I can really use the help. You know, if you feel like. Thanks in advance.


And now... back to work!


(Also, the wiki is coming up pretty nicely)

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  • 1 month later...

0.6 coming really soon, guys. It won't featre Mole Lore yet because what I'm not totally sure about how it'll work yet. But there are new stuff including a new tool/armor material and some good refining on obtaining the clumps(yes, now environment does matter a lot more).


And in case you're wondering why has it taken so long... holidays and Thaumcraft 3, mostly. :P


You can check out the upcoming changes in the wiki. And, as usual, I'm accepting suggestions. :D

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  • 1 month later...

For those interested -- let me dream, please -- Molecraft 0.7 will take a while to build because in the middle of the planned changes I decided to completely rework one complex system that the mod implements; namely, the seedstones. So here's a list of what to expect:


- Finally Mole Lore rears its head, with the mysterious Stone Circle structures and the new blocks Standing Stone and Runestone!

- New larva and bug, the Water Grub and Aquatic Beetle, a new tool bug for all your deep sea diving needs!

- Slight changes to the inner workings of the Mole Claw and Mole Spade, as well as better randomizing of the clumps and grubs!


Also, there will be major change on some item and block IDs, because I failed to plan accordingly for my many types of grubs, clumps and bugs. Yep, pretty stupid, but at least it came up before 1.0, eh?


Well, all said, it looks like a new release might come up next week. If you're still waiting, thanks a bunch, and have fun! :D

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Good news, everyone! The Water Beetle works, the new Seedstone works and I also managed to unbreak my Terrarium that I broke while doing some changes to the way it works regarding bugs and grubs. So the only thing in the way of the next release is some minor tweaking and also some eye candy I want to add to the "machine" blocks so the player knows they're doing anything.


Also, I may actually do a demo video. This is going to be awesome. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Molecraft 0.7 is in da house, aw yea! :D Still haven't done the preview movie or updated the Getting Started doc, but not much changed, except we have some weird black stones around -- they'll be awesomer later --, a new type of bug that lives in the water and seedstone have changed a whole lot. Also, you can put chests near your terrarium to produce stuff in them instead of seeing all the silk flying around the place.


Get it in the same place as usual right there in the wiki and have fun! :D

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  • 4 months later...

For anyone still wondering what's up with this... well, it's going through a revival phase. Developing this was becoming too unfocused and all over the place and then I found out I had no idea what I was going to do next.


So Molecraft 2 is coming out in three modules: bugs, dirt and runes. Bugs will be all about bugs, dirt will be about digging and processing dirt into pretty much anything(veering into alchemy territory, really :P) and runes will be about sparkling the land with magical runestones that do all sorts of things from summoning cows to creating the perfect battlefield to mow down some mobs. And I'll start a new topic for that.


Meanwhile, here's a video :D


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