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[1.8] "flying is not allowed on this server". Is it my mod's fault?


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Hello guys.


Here i go again, and again i didn't find anything after a quick search, but maybe i suck at searching and i'm duplicating a post, so... Sorry for duplicating ;)



Is it Vanilla, or does the "flying is not allowed on this server" problem depends on something wrong with forge/my mod?


Some elements more:


1. I suspect a network/server workload problem, since playing on intranet never caused the problem. Before modding, anyway, it never happened regardless on the intranet/internet connection mode.


2. I know i can allow flying on the server, but i would preferably avoid



Thanks for help

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This message seems to arise when the player is out of contact with the ground (player doesn't collide with a solid block under their feet) for more than 80 C03PacketPlayer packets in a row.  Does your mod give the player extra high bounce or something?


A network load problem seems unlikely because the code looks like it counts the number of packets it receives.


Not sure how you could best troubleshoot this one; trial and error might be necessary?



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Let's try to sort out a rule...




1. NEVER happened while on intranet.

2. Clients used on Intranet/Internet are the same.

3. It happens when climbing a long ladder sequence or while swimming downwater. It always happens in these cases

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Can you post your code, somewhere so we can check it out?


This doesn't usually happen in vanilla or forge, unless your hovering in mid air for a long time without being in creative, it might be your mod but without seeing your code we can't really say.

I require Java, both the coffee and the code :)

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Are you messing with the player's bounding box by any chance?


If you know how to use conditional breakpoints on your debugger, you could try running the server in the debugger and putting a conditional breakpoint on this line:

NetHandlerPlayServer::processPlayer(C03PacketPlayer packetIn)
                if (!this.serverController.isFlightAllowed() && !this.playerEntity.capabilities.allowFlying && !worldserver.checkBlockCollision(axisalignedbb) && !this.playerEntity.capabilities.allowFlying) // breakpoint here

If you put a breakpoint there to stop when this.floatingTickCount == 80, then you can trace into worldserver.checkBlockCollision and see why your player's abb doesn't collide with it.




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Sure Belpois.


I'll try to find a moment to push my project on github. It's quite a "straightforward" unefficient bounch of classes. Nothing more than some new block/item and a list of recipes.


I'll post when everything's up (it may happen within few hours as years :| life sucks :D )

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