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modloader or minecraftForge?


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i am new to modding in minecraft. i made some mods without any api. But i want to use an api.

I already knew about modloader and minecraftforge. But: which do i have to chose?

I want someone to make a list of features of modloader and minecraftforge, so i and others who come around this forums can chose easly wich they want to take.


thank you already.


P.S. srry for my bad english.  :-X

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but... i am not using any api and can any1 give me some reasons why i should use a api? i know some already: it has compatibility with other mods and you have no need to change some files


A consistant API is good for many things, first:

Forge is efficient, at times well more efficient than likely you could make things otherwise.

Forge has a stable API, unlike doing base edits in Minecraft, of which you have to re-apply those base edits manually every version.

Forge reduces the amount of work you have to do by quite a bit due to the hook interfaces.

And of course compatibility, which is a pretty major factor, having your mod work with others that would otherwise be incompatible due to base edits is quite a boon.

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