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[1.8] Flamability


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Hello, so I have made a block but would like to make it burn (like planks). I have found the two function .isFlamable() and .getFlamability() but both don't seem to be able to set it. How would I do this as looking at the code in FML doesn't help very much and neither is the API documentation. Here is my block code.


public class blockStackOfSticks extends blockMinePlus {
    public blockStackOfSticks(){
        this.setHarvestLevel("axe", 0);


Thank you

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Also, most of the flamable stuff is handled by code in the BlockFire class.


Blocks.fire.setFireInfo(myBlock, spread_rate, consume_rate);


spread rate is the chance that a fire block not burning the target block will spread over and start burning it.  The consume rate is an integer that represent 0.33% chance per tick that the fire will consume the block.  Most full-block blocks are 60 or less (flowers, etc. are 100).  Spread rates are also typically 60 or lower (a number > 300 is effectively "as soon as the check is made, the fire spreads over, but I never did figure out how the probability was determined, it's complex).

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