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[1.7.10] Problem with custom recipe (not all the time)


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I have had some reports of a custom recipe in my mod not working properly. I cannot reproduce it but I've seen others who can. It is a custom recipe which I created because I needed a recipe that matches only with an efficiency 3 enchanted diamond pickaxe. So I need the recipe to match on specific NBT data. Here is my custom recipe:




and here is where I use it:




As it works for me it is a bit hard to debug. Can someone spot a mistake that I may have made here? Maybe there is some kind of mod interaction going on and in that case I'd like to make my recipe more robust.



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There is no crash. It is just not crafting. The recipe simply doesn't work.


Anyway, I suspect I know what the problem is. It is possible that my NBT matching algorithm is too specific. It appears that an enchanted pickaxe made with 'x' key works fine while an echanted pickaxe made with an enchnated book and anvil doesn't. So I probably have to change my matching algorithm to only match the NBT keys that I want.

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You should check only if the enchant tag is same, for Item's NBT can contain various information.

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