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Change mods folder


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Hello.I have one problem.I changed folder to download texturepacks, saves, stats and resourses but mods...

I did changing in Minecraft.class with InClassTranslater.I know, that "Forge" substitute original Minecraft.class and i write here.Please, help me!

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OMG!!!I have my own launcher. It downloads minecraft to another folder(not .minecraft). I did changes, that minecraft takes saves, texturepacks from another folder(not .minecraft  :P), but folder mods... It create at .minecraft, but i want that it creat at another foldeder

And question.How to change it?It changes in Minecraft.class (minecraft.jar/net/client/) with original client, Forge substitute Minecraft.class and i can't change it(don't know how).

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Alright, so english isn't your first language, so I am gunna try and ignore some of the failure to comunicate.

Anyways, there is a field inside of Minecraft that holds the root folder that Minecraft uses for all folders, you can use your Launcher to change that field.

I dont know which field it is off the top of my head, but its fairly straight forward if you take 10 mins to go research how the directory is obtained. If you are writing a launcher, you should have the skills to read the code and figure it out.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Mmmm... Sory for my English, you're right...But I worked with Minecraft.class (I know that in this file, I must doing changes), and don't understand. I changed line with "minecraft" to "mine". But folder mods anyway reads in .minecraft (not .mine  :(), folders texturepacks,saves read in .mine  :). I think you can help me, because you're authors of "Forge" .

P.S. sory for my English again if I have mistakes.

P.P.S. if i don't do changes in Minecraft.class, all folders are read in .minecraft

P.P.P.S my launcher download Client.zip from FTP and unzips it in .mine

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there is a function in Minecraft something along the lines of getDataDir() or something like that.

Look into that and see how it determines the path, I know it uses a field.

What you need to do is make your launcher set that field. Then anything that uses getDataDir will get your new path.

Also, we do not support illegally distrabuting the mods/jars, which you just described.


And, DO NOT BUMP YOUR POSTS. It may result in a ban next time.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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