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[1.7.10] make tools not break

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I've looked a lot of other places on the web and I cannot figure this out, this is what I want to do, when a tool runs out of durability I want it to render dysfunctional (not break but not being able to use the tool, disabling its ability do damage or mine). how should I do this???


thank you all for your time.

Im serious don't look at it!!

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Try adding the onUpdate method to your tool class. In it try telling it this:


if(this.getDamage <= 0) {
    //set damage to 0
    //change tool material to something that can not mine or cause damage?
    //Do whatever else you want


The onUpdate method runs every tick for the item. Pretty sure you can do what you want in there. :P

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@HappyKiller101: That would not work, because damage value increases when tool is damaged.

@BoonieQuafter-CrAfTer: Subscribe to the PlayerDestroyItemEvent, and give the dysfunctional itemstack to the player.

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