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[1.4.2] Techcraft


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By rex41043

Want to keep up to date on the mod's development progress? then you can go here to my development blog: http://blackholegaming.com


Dev team:



rex41043 Lead coder & founder

ilikepie1987 Co-lead coder

candycool1234 lead texture artist








BUILD: alpha (MC:1.4.2)

Minecraft Forge Version: 6.0.1

Download: http://adf.ly/ECjxP



+Added Safey Tape

+Added Secured Iron

+Added Secured Light

+Added new step sounds to some blocks

*Tweaked Purtonium ore so it can not be blowen up and is harder to mine

*Fixed a server bug, the mod will now run on servers



BUILD: alpha pre release (MC:1.4.2)

Minecraft Forge Version: 6.0.1

Download: http://adf.ly/E6ZE5



*Updated to minecraft 1.4.2

*Renamed the mod to Techcraft

+Added Research Codex

+Added Vile of Antidote



BUILD: alpha (MC:1.3.2)

Minecraft Forge Version: 4.2.5

Download: http://adf.ly/Da2rZ



*Re-coloured the name for the shards to be blue

+Added Viles

+Added Radioactive isotope

*tweaked the spawn rate of the ores as follows:

Triminium Ore will now spawn at Y 45 or below in vanes of 8

Diminium Ore will now spawn at Y 30 or below in vanes of 5

Dextonium Ore will now spawn at Y 25 or below in vanes of 4

and Purtonium Ore will now spawn at Y 25 or below in vanes of 2

+Added crafting recipes for the following blocks/items:

Empty Vile, Triminium Block, Diminium Block, Dextonium Block and Purtonium Block

*The Triminium, Diminium, Dextonium and Purtonium ingots can now be stacked up two 32



BUILD: alpha (MC:1.3.2)

Minecraft Forge Version: 4.2.5

Download: http://adf.ly/DYHPs



*re-named the mod to sciencecraft

*re-named all items to not have ‘meteor’ in the name Eg: form Triminium meteor ore too Triminium ore

+added new textures to the item sprite sheet(not yet used)

*did some back end tweaks to the code



BUILD: alpha (MC:1.3.2)

Minecraft Forge Version: 4.2.5

Download: http://adf.ly/925873/meteorcraft-build-0003-alpha-mc13



*re-named Blue meteor ore too Triminium meteor ore

*re-named Blue meteor shard too Triminium meteor shard

*re-named Blue meteor ingot too Triminium meteor ingot

*re-named Green meteor too Diminium meteor ore

*re-named Green meteor shard too Diminium meteor shard

*re-named Green meteor ingot too Diminium meteor ingot

*re-made most textures (thank you candycool1234)

+added Dextonium ore, shard, ingot and block

+added Purtonium ore, shard, ingot and block

+added smelting for all shard types

+added config file

+added ore generation for all meteor types









You can make Triminium, Diminium Dextonium and Purtonium ingots into the corresponding block.

Here is a way to store and compress the ingots in this mod and it dos not look half bad like this too :D



You can turn the blocks back into ingots as well (yes.. you do get nine back).



This is how you craft the Research Codex is will be used a tone in crafting.



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