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server wont stay open please help =(


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i had some issues with the mods but thats all fixed now but the server closes after everything is loaded. the log was to long for a spoiler or pastebin.




edit: i found this at the end " The state engine was in incorrect state SERVER_STARTING and forced into state SERVER_STOPPED. Errors may have been discarded."

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[19:49:40] [server thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Reverting to frozen data state.

[19:49:40] [server thread/INFO] [FML/]: Applying holder lookups

[19:49:40] [server thread/WARN] [FML/]: Unable to lookup chisel:cobblestoneWall for public static com.cricketcraft.chisel.block.BlockMarbleWall com.cricketcraft.chisel.init.ChiselBlocks.cobblestoneWall. Is there something wrong with the registry?

[19:49:40] [server thread/WARN] [FML/]: Unable to lookup chisel:obsidian2 for public static com.cricketcraft.chisel.block.BlockCarvable com.cricketcraft.chisel.init.ChiselBlocks.obsidian2. Is there something wrong with the registry?

[19:49:40] [server thread/INFO] [FML/]: Holder lookups applied

Possibly a chisel issue.

You also seem to have a massive amount of coremods in there screwing with things so can't really say whats going on. Start removing things.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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