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[WIP][1.7.10]The underrealm


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The underrealm

The underrealm is the spirit world what lies between, inhabited by the souls that nore demon or angel want, the place is a vague purgatory of infinite caves within the dark travelers can find many things, dangerous or revealing, gift or a curse.


There are many features of this mod, some are :



-Modular dungeons.

-Custom mob models and animations.

-A new dimension to explore.

-New blocks to interact with in different ways.

-New boss fights with unique attack patterns.

-The world will react to your actions.

- Intergration with popular mods like thaumcraft and blood magic.




Implemented blocks and their functionality(spoilers for those who want to play blind)




Some screenshots so far:




And finally some test screenshots demonstrating various elements:




Note : Test builds are being developed under 1.6.4 but the release builds will be 1.7.10, the code will be modeled in such a way that porting it to different client versions will be as easy as possible.

Test builds are now on 1.7.10



An insight to how one will enter the underrealm(WIP)




I will update this post over time.

Any feedback would be great!


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As it is a trendy thing to do I have setup a github repository and uploaded an early prealpha during this phase builds will target 1.6.4 and is advised to use mystcraft to access the new dimension as there is currently no means to otherwise get there for now items may also be accessed via the creative tab.


You will need two mods in order to test the prealpha, but i do warn prealpha status will mean that there is not a full implementation and things should be excepted to be missing:




For those wondering why this mod is in two parts, the IVMC loader is a model loader at this time only one block uses it, but this will change as mobs and other blocks are created.

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  • 3 weeks later...

A small update the testing phase has now moved to 1.7.10, I am currently fixing the crystal render code, only a minor issue.

Rendering issue is now fixed, all functionality has been restored.


I plan to release the source code for the prior 1.6.4 code base, this would be for others to learn from, it is a mix of own code(rendering for custom stuff) and dissected vanilla code(had to make a fix for an issue with using block IDs above 255 on 1.6.x, 1.7.x uses block handles and hence the problem was fixed).


Note : I will be releaseing the IVMC loader code when the feature set is complete but again if there is enough Interest I am willing to also share this.

src @ https://github.com/mathew653/Underrealm/tree/1.6.4-prebuild/Prealpha/UnderRealm_src

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Small update, the mod is now on 1.7.10

That and a small insight into the dungeons :


The dungeons will work on a system known as a dungeon biomes.

In short these are not real biomes but rather a thought coined for procedural generated dungeon of a theme


Dungeons will be accessed via the spirit gates, these lead to pockets of time left over from prior civilizations there are so far two known types:

The dungeon - this will generate rooms similar to a conventional dungeon.

Ruins - this place can be viewed as a sort of cross between medevil and western, many houses made of wood and cobble, this will also be outside.



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