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[1.8] bow texture wont get loaded.


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When i start minecraft this error appeares in the console:

[Client thread/ERROR] [FML]: Model definition for location minecraft:kriegnesmod_schwarzerbow_pulling_1#inventory not found

Someone told me that miencraft cant find the json file. but how can i fix it? i think i wrote everything right and there are no errors with pulling 0 or 2.

My codes:






my files and stuff:


Im not a native speaker so plserino no haterino

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Yeah that guide was written for an older build of 1.8.  The most recent recommended Forge build very unhelpfully hides all the error messages, in particular the file not founds which give most of the diagnostic information.


The problem is here

GameRegistry.registerItem(schwarzerdiamantbogen, "schwarzerdiamantbogen");

                ModelBakery.addVariantName(schwarzerdiamantbogen, "kriegnesmod:schwarzerbow_standby", "kriegnesmod:schwarzerbow_pulling_0", "kriegnesmod_schwarzerbow_pulling_1", "kriegnesmod:schwarzerbow_pulling_2");


spot the difference kriegnesmod_schwarzerbow_pulling_1


Whenever you have a error like this with three identical objects, where two of them work fine and the other doesn't, a careful comparison will nearly always show you the problem very quickly.




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the minecraft is loking for the texture in the minecrafts textures folder not in your mod textures folder coz you declare the texture begining whith minecraft:




and must be "yourmod:kriegnesmod_schwarzerbow_pulling_1"


thx but i cant find something called "minecraft:kriegnesmod_schwarzerbow_pulling_1"

and there are no errors with pulling 1.

the texture is only missing in standby mode.

Im not a native speaker so plserino no haterino

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